01 November 2013

Blue Love by MJ Fields - Book Tour, Book Review, Giveaway

 In this New Adult / College, Coming of Age story Tessa Ross tries to fight her attraction to bad boy Lucas Links. He is hot, arrogant, and has a sexual past that most boys his age could only dream of, (If they even knew they could dream of such things). 
 Lucas, the star quarterback seems to have it all, super star athletic abilities, expensive clothes, cars, and women who literally stop just to watch him walk by. On the outside he appears to have it all. 
 Tessa is a young woman who lives her life always doing what is right to make everyone else happy. She tries desperately to hold herself accountable to the demanding expectations of her family and everyone around her. 
 Is Tessa as innocent as she appears? Is Lucas just a spoiled young man who seems to have what every male, and female wants? 
 If you Love an emotional story that is full of spicy hot goodness. If you Love to follow a story from beginning until the bitter sweet end. If you are often left wondering what happened next... get your tissues and lip balm ready you are in for the read of your life.
 As we all know, you should never judge a book by it's cover.

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Hold on to your seats, because Blue Love is a one long rollercoaster ride.

Tessa Ross is a good girl who tries to fight off the discomfort she’s feeling with her growing body, the sudden attention boys were giving her and most especially, the growing attraction to the bad boy Lucas Links. He might be hot, popular, arrogant and a walking sex-on-sticks, but she would never be a notch on his post.

Lucas, on the other hand, may appear to have everything – car, popularity, clothes and women but deep inside, he was broken. His family is dysfunctional – his mother is an alcoholic and his absentee father tries to buy his love by giving him expensive things. Everything was just a game to him, especially when it comes to girls and sex – until Tessa Ross came into the picture. He knew then, that she was different. That he will try to make things work – just as when he thought he was good enough for her, his past came back with a vengeance.

This book is filled with twists and turns that had my jaws dropping every now and then. Here I thought everything would be okay, then another one would sprout. Most of them you would not see coming, and there were times when I wished that both of them be separated – because they needed to be away from each other! It’s heartbreaking to see them hurt, and make stupid decisions – then continuously repeat the cycle.  

I didn’t expect it was THAT long, and it would end that way. My heart was aching uncontrollably somewhere in between, here are two people who are perfect for each other and yet circumstances, not of their doing, is driving them apart. It was painful to watch them let go, yet you can’t be help but be proud of the person that they become – because as the pages continues, and as the story goes, you will see the characters grow and develop.

There were great secondary characters that you have to meet as well – there’s Alex, Phoebe, Tommy and Jade. I even like Toby and Ben – and if I don’t just love bad boys who are off to being good, I would have wanted ANY of them to be with Tessa. After all that she had experienced with Lucas, she needed her own HEA, with or without him. But I’m giving Lucas a chance…

Blue Love is an amazing coming of age story about two very different people, who have found love in each other, tried to hold on to it, but painfully allowed themselves to let go.  But it doesn’t end here – so yes, you have to expect what the ending is. It might be something that will drive you nuts, but it’s something that will keep you looking forward for the next book in the series.

★ARC Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.★

“Let’s get dressed,” he said taking off his shirt, she stared at him and he laughed, “You like what you see?” 
She blushed and looked down, “Yes,” slipped out of her mouth before she could stop it. 
He walked up to her and kissed her hard on the lips and she moaned. He pulled away, “You like what you see Tessa so stop looking down, look at me,” he undid his pants and they slipped to the ground. “Don’t look away Tessa,” he smiled. 
“Your mom Lucas,” she gasped. 
“She’s not coming up here trust me, we could be in here until midnight and she wouldn’t come in,” he smiled and walked up to her in white boxer briefs. He kissed her again, this time longer and harder, he grabbed her head and started kissing down her neck. He slipped her sweater off her shoulders and she started to tense up, it turned him on. He kissed her harder and pulled her shirt up and over her head, she was growing excited, she felt her nipples start to harden and a knot tighten right below her belly button, as they kissed he skillfully undid her bra with one hand the other still pressing her head into his. He slipped one strap off her shoulder and kissed it. He did the same to the other strap and kissed that shoulder, her erect nipples now rubbed against his bare body and she let out a whimper. He kissed her harder and undid her button on her pants, then the zipper, they slipped off and fell on the floor, she could feel his erection pressing against her belly, she dug his back with her nails and he moaned. He picked her up and grabbed her legs and wrapped them around his waist. She moaned loudly, the knot in her belly was replaced by a hot pulsing between her legs. 
He laid her on his bed and was on top of her, “Oh God Lucas stop, please.” 
“You don’t like this?” he asked looking at her. 
“Too much, I like it too much,” she said squirming. 
He chuckled, “It’s not time yet, just wanted my new favorite girls against my skin. How did it feel to you?” 
“Lucas,” she whined. 
He laughed and sat up, “Exactly how I felt last night Tessa,” he stood up and dropped his briefs, he saw her eyes widen. “And that’s how I felt when you showed me your perfect tits,” he turned and walked into his closet as she oogled his muscular ass. 
Holy shit he was perfect, not that she has anything to compare it to but the few she has seen in movies, and the articles she had curiously read… well, he was big and erect. Her body throbbed even more thinking about it. She felt heat building between her legs and her panties were damp. 
 He walked out in his swim trunks, “What are you waiting for baby? Let’s go swimming,” he smiled. 
“I don’t want to move,” her eyes shooting daggers at him. 
He laughed out loud as he grabbed her bag and pulled out her swim top and pulled it over her head. He pulled her up and went for her waistband on her underwear, and she pulled away, “I showed you mine now you have to show me yours,” he said grinning. 
“Mine is very angry at you,” she scowled at him as she slapped his hand away. He laughed harder and turned around. 

 I am a very new self published writer. I will tell you I have always had a very vivid imagination. Starting at age 3 (as it states in my Baby Book).

Sigma was my very first love (imaginary boyfriend). He lived about fifteen miles from my childhood home, (a farm). I took him chicken noodle soup every night on one of our families snowmobiles, (Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring). Apparently he was very ill and "Thank God" I was able to take care of him.

Next was my very first self publishing gig. At eight my cousins and I (and yes I was the president) wrote a newsletter and sold it to our family members.

Years later I decided to put it back into print to entertain my cousin as she was on an aircraft carrier on 9/11 (Kick ass cousin BTW) and very far away from home during a very scary time for our country, (protecting our butts).

Fast forward to 2012. I read 50 shades and thought, I can do that, (meaning writing). I have two complete series The Love Series, and Wrapped. I have two new series Burning Souls and Men of Steel. Ten books in 13 months. CrAzY and wonderful.

I love love! ( I would love to reference Pinks new song here, however I am not sure if that would cause copyright issues.)I also tend to enjoy watching people grow and change with self realization and moments of clarity that just sneak up behind you and smack you in the head. I love people and have always been able to see both sides of a story. Each person that comes into our life leaves us with something it is what we choose to do with it that helps us grow.

I live in central New York in the middle of nowhere and am surrounded by family and friend most the time. I run a small business out of my home and spend time reading and doing the typical Mommy things. Our house is full of pets and friends and noise ninety percent of the time, and I would have it no other way.
I love people,music, laughter, hugs, and books.

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