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Blog Tour, Book Review, Giveaway | Behind Closed Doors by J.L. Berg (@authorjlberg)

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ARC Review | Wicked Bond by Sawyer Bennett (@bennettbooks)


Bridger Payne is an enigma that no one can figure out. Wise beyond his years, eerily intuitive and sexy as hell, every woman in The Silo wants him.
None can have him.
Not the real man, anyway.
He might wield the lash for you if you ask prettily, but he’ll get no gratification from it. He’ll definitely make you scream, but he won’t think twice about you when he walks away.
Bridger carries the darkest of secrets. He’s filled with too much pain.
He’s utterly untouchable.
Until she came along.

**Warning: this book has sex in it. Lots of sex. Dirty sex. The Wicked Horse Series is a bit different than what Sawyer Bennett normally writes. While you’ll still enjoy fabulous characters, a suspenseful story, some witty banter and an epic romance, there’s just… a lot of sex. You’ve been warned.

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I have been waiting for the mysterious Bridger Payne since the first book of the Wicked Horse Series and now he is finally here!

Sawyer Bennett had teased me, heightened my anticipation, and had me panting. I had great expectations in this book, in Bridger – and I wasn’t disappointed. Surely, Ms. Bennett had saved the best for last! And Bridger Payne ended The Wicked Horse Series fabulously.

The steam and sexiness of this book was already a given, but what surprised me most was getting to know the real Bridger. Indeed, he was a mystery to uncover and it was just a delight, at the same time heartbreaking to do so. He was a fierce protector, and he would do everything to keep Maggie safe.

Maggie was perfect for him. I love the strength and steadfastness of her character. She has her past, she wasn’t proud of it, but she was trying to change her life and save the people that she loves, and that includes Bridger now.

I love the fact that both their characters were given second chances both in love and life. It wasn’t an easy journey for the both of them, but the end was worth it. They had to slay their own demons before finally giving in to their HEA. I just feel sad that this series is about to end, but was happy that it ended with a bang. The Wicked Horse has introduced us to a great set of characters that we would always remember.

If you want to read something steamy, filled with a whole lot of romance and something else – you have to try this series!

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Book Review | The Spark by Autumn Doughton


Weddings are a time for magic, love, and... intense one-night stands?

The Spark is the first novelette in the sizzling 'Wedding' series and introduces readers to the romance of Mari Hudson and Andrew Reese. Dark, sexy, and powerful, this is one short read you won't want to miss. At under just 10,000 words, you can enjoy The Spark in a single sitting.

**Because of explicit content, this novelette is intended for a mature audience. 18+ please** 

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This was a short, sweet, sexy read with a cliffy that made me want to jump off the plane. I finished this book in one sitting during my plane journey back home. 

Who doesn’t like weddings? It gives off a vibe of magical-happy-ever-after, love and some crazy one-night-stands.

The title lived up to its name. Sparks is all over the pages. From the moment they met, until they finally gave up to the attraction. The chemistry is just off-the-charts. Both Mari and Andrew are characters to watch out for!

I have read EVERY Autumn Doughton books, and this was way different from her usual, which was an awesome surprise! This was a great read, and the last page well, almost killed me. But it made me more excited for the next book in this series!!!

Rating: 4.5 Stars

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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

ARC Review | Turbulence by Whitney G. (@WhitGracia)


Fuck me recklessly
Kiss me harder.
Take me again and again… 

He and I met under a cloud of clich├ęs:
Boy meets girl. Boy charms girl. Boy fucks girl.
Our story was supposed to end right after the orgasms, right after we went our separate ways.

But then we saw each other again…
And neither of us could walk away.

Our rules were simple.
Our passion was scandalous.
Our hearts were supposed to be safe…

But when you find something so all-consuming—something so intoxicating and inescapable, you’ll risk everything you’ve ever had, even if you’re destined to crash and burn.

This is us.
This is our messed up love.
This is turbulence.

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Monday, August 22, 2016

ARC Review | The Rebel's Return by Victoria James (@vicjames101)


Natalia Puccini has spent her entire life playing by her overbearing but well-intentioned Italian family's rules...except the one time she took a chance on a bad boy and fell hard. She's worked to get her life back on track so when Aiden McCann comes sauntering back into town with his heart-stopping smile, Natalia vows not to fall for him again. There's no way she'll let him mess with her perfectly planned life...and there's no way she'll let him near her heart again...

Now reformed and a self-made success, Aiden is tormented by regrets and secrets. He left Red River years ago filled with anger and resentment and a promise to never come back. But when his ill father needs help, Aiden knows it's time to face the mess he left behind, and face the one woman he never got over. It doesn't matter how beautiful or intriguing she is, though, because he'll never be able to give her what she needs. As soon as his father is healthy, Aiden is leaving Red River...for good.

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Natalia was the epitome of a good Italian daughter, she would do everything to please her family and not cause them any heartaches. Even if it means being the maid of honor to her overbearing cousin’s wedding. The sacrifices she made would make her a saint and I do not envy her. She was trying to live a happy, single and peaceful life until the bad boy she fell in love with over a decade ago came back into her life. She swore that she would never allow Aiden McCann to enter into her life and break her heart again. She should learn from her mistakes.

Aidan left Red River years ago and never look back, but a family emergency brought him back home, and back into the life of Natalia Puccini. He knew he did her wrong, and wished he could tell her what really happened. But he was only home for some weeks, and he had no intentions of staying. Their house held a lot of painful memories. If not for his father who needs his help (even if he doesn’t really say he needs it), he wouldn’t be in Red River. But thinking about not going back, and seeing the love of his life in the flesh is different. No matter how much he wants her, he couldn’t give what she needs. As soon as his father is okay, he was going to leave Red River and would not come back.

I love how the story came about. It may lack the usual steam I got used to, but it was sweet, and had a dash of sexy in it. They tried to fight their emotions, but it was just useless. I love how things work out for Aidan. It made me shed some tears. What happened between him and his father was heartbreaking, but I was glad someone was trying, and someone was apologizing. I was also happy Nat was finally standing up for herself and not allowing her family (well, some of them) to step on her. It was brave of her to do so.

The Rebel’s Return is a short read. This is a story of love, second chances, friendship and family. 

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

ARC Review | Kissing The Enemy by Helena Newbury (@HelenaAuthor)

The #1 bestseller. Standalone romance: no cliffhanger!

He's New York's most feared mob boss. She's the niece of a Russian Mafia kingpin.
Angelo - From the first time I see Irina dance, I can't get her out of my head. She's an ice princess with an accent that makes me crazy and a body that makes me want to do bad things to her. Then I discover she's the niece of my greatest enemy.

Irina - From the first moment Angelo looks at me, I'm helpless. He's blood and fire and red-hot lust. I run: he chases me down. I put up ice: he melts right through. Then I discover who he is. Being together is unthinkable: I'd be betraying my family; he'd be betraying the mob. But neither of us can fight the attraction. And when our relationship sparks a war that threatens to tear New York apart, we may be the only two people who can stop it.

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