13 November 2013

Break You by Jennifer Snyder - Book Tour, Book Review, Giveaway

Blaire Hayes enjoys a quiet life, spending her days as a CNA at the local nursing home and nights studying for exams. She prefers things to be as uncomplicated as possible—but when her friends drag her to a party and she bumps into her high school crush, the path of Blaire’s life veers in an entirely different direction than what she had planned for herself.

Jason Bryant created a nice life away from his hometown, putting distance between himself and the suffocating sadness of his father’s death. But when he finds out his grandfather’s health is deteriorating, he decides he must return home. Partying was not on his agenda while in town, but it’s how he bumps into Blaire Hayes—the girl he’d always thought of in high school as an unobtainable pass.

Together the two learn there are moments in life that hold within them all the power to break you...

(New Adult: Contains sexual situations, language, mature themes, and alcohol usage.)

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Blaire lives a boring life. She’s an anal person who lives and breathes work and homework. She spends her days working as a CNA at a local nursing home while she finishes her RN degree and she spends her night studying for exam. She is a practical person who didn’t want to tangle herself with complications – but one night things changed. She was dragged into a party by her concerned roommates and she collided into her old high school crush, Jason – and then everything in her life was as orderly as she wanted them to be.

After his father died, Jason decided to leave town and study elsewhere. He had already settled in with his roommate and enjoying his college life, when he finds about his grandfather’s declining health. He decided to move back, give his mother the support she badly needed this time. Partying was not supposed to be on his agenda – but the problems at home are suffocating him, he needed to unwind. He crashed into Blaire – an old friend in high school, someone he thought was pretty much unobtainable.

Blaire gave him a chance and went on a date with him. After all, she needed to have fun as well. She thought they were on the same page until a tagged picture of him appeared on her timeline. It was high school all over again. HIM – leading her on. After he explained his side, she decided to give it a try again. It started out with just having fun - but having fun have detrimental and serious consequences.

Both of them have so much going on in their lives – are they both ready to face the new challenge fate thrown their way? Or one of them will cower out?

The two of them – they’re complicated. Facebook was their only way of communication. And I think the social networking site plays a very important role in driving this two apart more than getting them together. There was a lot of misunderstanding and hang ups between the two. Jason made a lot of stupid decision I wanted to smack him with a book one time –

But when he finally got back into his senses and decided to grow up – he can be great too. You can easily forget all the poor decisions he had made the previous pages. He was a bit scared (because growing up, especially the transition of becoming a man can be a little scary). But he handled everything quite well.

As for Blaire, the decision she made with the problem was admirable. She could easily solve it by getting rid of it. Instead, she was ready to face the consequences of her actions – even if it was just her. It was brave thing to do.

I like the novel, it was a roller-coaster read. There were times I hated it, then there were times when I liked it. It was a rough ride that can’t promise all the comfort of the usual read, Ill assure you that you will fall in love – but you can also get frustrated at times, and annoyed too. Your emotions will get mixed up. I was confused until I reached the final page – because that entire rollercoaster ride, those near-heartbreaking moments, our characters came out stronger, and better than ever. Both have come a long way – it was grand just watching them mature as I swipe through the pages. That, alone, had made me like Break You. 

★ARC Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.★

Jennifer Snyder lives in North Carolina were she spends most of her time writing New Adult and Young Adult Fiction, reading, and struggling to stay on top of housework. She is a tea lover with an obsession for Post-it notes and smooth writing pens. Jennifer lives with her husband and two children, who endure listening to songs that spur inspiration on repeat and tolerate her love for all paranormal, teenage-targeted TV shows.


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