31 December 2012

Book Review: A Fallow Heart

by Linda Kage

Book Description:
Ten years ago, an oil tycoon’s daughter and a farmer’s son shared a moment neither would ever forget. When she left town in disgrace, a piece of her stayed locked deep within his soul. And like the ground he tended, his emotions lay fallow for years. Cooper Gerhardt’s deeply buried feelings for Jo Ellen Rawlings grew more fertile over time, just waiting for the day she would return to release his deepest desires.

When she strolls back into Tommy Creek, Texas for her ten-year class reunion, Cooper shows her farmboy-style exactly what she missed by leaving. Starting a short-term affair is simply unavoidable. But when the week is over, can either of them let go of the responsibilities and apprehensions keeping them apart? Or will their fallow hearts learn to flourish together?

Book Review: 4/5
“Sometimes a man can be a lot like a farm. He lets his heart lay fallow for a while, and instead of his feelings dying out, they just go dormant, his emotions growing deeper and stronger as time passes. A person only needs to clear away the weeds on the surface to uncover them.”

Usually, I don't really care if a man had his heart broken. BUT - when someone as good, sweet, honest-to-goodness man like Cooper gets his heart broken, my heart gets broken too.

AND I WOULD LOVE TO HATE THE GIRL - but how can I, when Jo Ellen is almost as nice as him?

Oh yes, I'M TORN!

This is a story of a poor sinfully hot farm boy, Cooper falling in love with one of the daughter of the richest man in Tommy Creek, Jo Ellen.

If Cooper was any more kinder, he'd be a saint. I don't know what kind of man can love that unconditionally, and what kind of man can just look his love from afar and not doing anything with his feelings? Oh well, meet Cooper. It's exasperating. Because if I were Jo Ellen, I'd choose him over millions of Travis in this world. He had proven his loyalty and his love when he was there for her at her lowest point. Cooper was willing to sacrifice his life, the future ahead of him for the people he loves. Even after ten years, when his dad got six, he had his business in hiatus and went to work in his father's farm.



How can someone so intelligent be so blind with this kind of love? I just want to shake her and tell her: WAKE UP! Wake up before everything will just disappear. Jo Ellen is one of Grady's twin sister. I believe I love Emma Leigh's character more than I liked Jo Ellen. While Emma Leigh was very sociable, friendly and just cool. Jo Ellen was reserved, proper, and a well-mannered lady. These are the main reason why Cooper fell in love with her instead of the other twin. She values commitment, and even though she really didn't like her boyfriend's ways, she stuck to him. Until he left her hanging during the time she needed him most. She was devastated, and it broke her. She decided to go out of town and spend the rest of her senior year in Dallas. She left town, and Cooper broken hearted.

Ten years later - the twins were back in Tommy Creek for a reunion. The moment Cooper and Jo Ellen saw each other for the first time after all those years, chemistry still sizzles between the both of them. But the past keeps chasing the both of them. Can they finally take a risk and find their own happy ending?

Or would they just...

But its not just Cooper and Jo Ellen's story. The surrounding characters have their own stories to share, especially Thad, Cooper's dad whose story surprised me the most. I never could have imagined he could be THAT person when I met him in the earlier pages.

It's nice to be back in Tommy Creek, only years back before The Trouble with Tomboys took place. It was nice to see them young, especially Grady and BJ. I wasn't really sure if it was nice to see Amy alive as well, it was just weird. For those who haven't read the Trouble with Tomboys yet, I suggest you read A Fallow Heart first, although the two can still function as stand alone novels on their own. 

Linda Kage you just made my year. I could not have a better last book to read for 2012 than this one. It made me swoon, laugh, cry - drove me crazy. Thank You!

Favorite Quotes:
  • “I was crazy in love with you in high school, and you broke my heart the day you hooked up with someone else our sophomore year. Then you broke it again when you promised me you’d dump him the night we kissed and go out with me instead, because the next morning, you forgot all about me.”
  • “Jealousy is an uncontrollable emotion. It attacks all of us. As long as you don’t let it get the best of you, I’m sure you and your envy can live in harmony without anyone getting hurt. So, see? There’s no need to feel bad about it. It makes you normal. Human.” 
  • “I’ve found the things I’ve regretted most in my life are the things I wanted to do but never had the courage to try. And I’m beginning to think I don’t want you to become one of my what-if-I’d-only-tried-it regrets.” 
  • “Sometimes a man can be a lot like a farm. He lets his heart lay fallow for a while, and instead of his feelings dying out, they just go dormant, his emotions growing deeper and stronger as time passes. A person only needs to clear away the weeds on the surface to uncover them.” 
  • “Rational was for people who didn’t have a broken heart.” 
  • “When you love, you open yourself up to numerous vulnerabilities and worries and responsibilities you never imagined existed because suddenly there’s someone else in the world who’s more important to you than you are. That’s what makes it so tough.” 
  • “You’re a man, darling. There’s something sick and twisted inside you, making you relish girly torture. I don’t understand it myself. Never did.” 
  • “If she loves you back, no woman is going to complain about the hour if a man calls her to proclaim his undying love.” 
  • “And I don’t want you to love me enough for the both of us. I’d rather carry my own portion, thank you very much. I love you so much it consumes me.” 
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(Disclaimer: Book reviewed was sent to me by the author and I have received no compensation of any kind for the review whether it is positive.)


Book Review: Freeing Carter

by Nyrae Dawn
Review: 4/5

I fell in love with Carter from the first chapter, and continued to until the last page. He was someone that his family could count on. At an age that he should be enjoying girls, booze and friends - he was stuck making sure that his mother and sister were fine. Who would not love him?

But Carter has a secret...

Secret he's not willing to share even with his best friend.

He tried his best in keeping his sister and his mother safe. But sometimes, even strong people falter and needs help. Carter was in denial and refused help from people who are willing to give a hand. He thought he was man enough to keep things together. I loved him more when he finally admitted that he needed help- although it took one eye opener to make him realize that he can't do it all by himself.

Kira - is a breath of fresh air and the girl who can pull off an orange hair :)

She too has some personal issues that she should be dealing with, but you never see it in her. I find her cool, and the kind of people that loves living life one day at a time. Carter perfectly described her: She's fun, and wild, and free and happy. Tears don't belong in her eyes. Frowns don't belong on her lips. It's not right. Kira is what Carter really needed. Someone strong, is not capable of much drama (because Carter doesn't need more of it), nonjudgmental and dependable. She knew how to pacify him when he's too stressed out.


Nyrae Dawn once again:


You did not just make a great heck of a love story. You mixed in family dynamics that will break your reader's heart for the boy who tries his best to be the man that his family needed.

Favorite Quotes:

  • “Things said in the heat of the moment never count.”
  • “You have skeletons, too, Carter Shaw. Don't think I don't know it. I think...I think people with secrets, or with a past, I guess I should say, I think we're kindred spirits. Like maybe we see something in each other that no one else takes the time to see.”      
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30 December 2012

Book Review: I'll Be Here

by Autumn Doughton

Review: 5/5
Of course It's a 5!

Autumn Doughton - you have a knack for describing a heartbreak.

Note: This isn't paranormal. I just like the pic :)

Inside of me is all whirl and spin. A cockroach is doing pirouettes on my chest. A cockroach in a tutu. I would breathe but a giant has his grubby hands wrapped around my lungs and he’s squeezing. Tighter.

And these are just the first paragraphs of the book - wait till you get a hold of the whole book...

Thank you Jas for recommending this book - I admit I already had this one on my Kindle, but it wasn't on my priority list. But hey, it was short and I decided to forgo my list for a while, and insert this one. I wasn't disappointed. Autumn Doughton proved to be an exceptional author who writes the perfect words (in metaphor or not) in depicting emotions (whether it is good or bad).

“You dump trash. You dump yard waste and old ripped couches that smell like body odor and forgetfulness. You dump cigarette butts and banana peels and hazardous waste. But people?”

Yeah, Willow was recently dumped by her boyfriend of two years. And the hardest thing was that- she didn't saw it coming. They were not having any problems at all (well, nothing she knew of) and suddenly, here was her boyfriend ex trying to break up with her in a steak house over fries.

Now she starts from scratch: no more cool boyfriends, her used to be friends were non-existent and she got the biggest surprise of her life when she finally realized why Dustin broke up with her.

Good thing she has old friends who easily forgives and forgets. Laney, the friend she forgot when she became Dustin's girl came to the rescue along with others. They were her savior after the whole school has been treating her like she has leprosy. I also adore her mother, who tried ALL the time to reach out to her, trying to be there when she needed the most. It took a while for them to fix their relationship because of some previous issue. She went back to her previous passion: Art. Something she gave up as well when she was going out with Dustin.

And Alex, oh Alex. You were exasperating at times, lovable most of the time, and just frustrating at the near end. An old flame she wanted to forget - now here he comes back into her life: in a the most 'broken' time of her life. Why?

I love this book! I'm an avid YA reader and let me tell you - this book is one of those YA-novels that rocks! I'll Be Here tells a story of how a young girl with a broken heart picks up the pieces, found and loved herself, and finally moved on with life and love. It's a short read (that's why I love it more), but even though it's short, I didn't find it lacking. I was contented with the ending and was not disappointed at all.

I'd recommend it to readers who likes (1) heartbreak, (2) moving on (3) family issues that aren't so heavy and totally dramatic (4) sweet but not to the point of mushy (5) Short but complete read.

Favorite Quotes:

  • “I'm miserable but the thing is that I want to be miserable. It's kind of nice. Like a comfortable sweater that you put on around the house but wouldn't be caught dead wearing in public.”
  •    “You dump trash. You dump yard waste and old ripped couches that smell like body odor and forgetfulness. You dump cigarette butts and banana peels and hazardous waste. But people?”
  • “People are just preprogrammed to want what they don’t have. It’s like it’s a universal law.”
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29 December 2012

Book Review: The Perfect Game

by J. Sterling

Review: 4/5

“Sometimes letting go is the only way to find out who you're meant to hold on to.”

Do I love this book? Hell Yes!!!

I enjoyed reading this book - the constant bantering shared between two people who have issues to resolve and finally took a leap in love. It wasn't a smooth jump - they encountered rocks along the way, but they still landed well - with both their feet on the ground: alive and breathing.

I fell in love with Carter in the beginning. Who can resist a bad-boy-turned-pussy-whipped-boyfriend and can play baseball even with eyes closed? I did love how he tried his best in changing his ways and proving that he's a different man. That he can stick and be content with just one woman.


But, something happened along the way that made me think twice. I could not tolerate a guy with a poor judgment and someone who's gullible enough to make a decision without even going deeper or examining things clearly.

Nevertheless, he was redeemed. He'd never be the prince charming if he continued his ways, right? What he did in the near ending, it was just awesome! I like the way he exercise patience and wanting to put things in order before he can start a clean slate. The surprise he gave Cassie - it was a little cheesy, but I guess...


Somehow, I'd fill several bottles of quarters to touch you.



Her rules with boys and relationship:
1. Don't lie
2. Don't cheat
3. Don't make promises you can't keep
4. Don't say things you don't mean

... and guess how many Carter broke?


Oh yes, Cassie loved to roll her eyes and didn't want to do anything with him first. She hated his guts, but she could not deny the fact that Carter is HOT! If only she's strong enough not to fall for his clutches. However, like gravity, Cassie fell, HARD. And when everything went Topsy-turvy with their relationship, she was broken. I think she made the right choices, after the biggest mistake she made during the early part of the relationship. I find her brave. Trying her best in stopping Carter making the biggest mistake of his life. Moving away and following her dreams instead of staying behind. It was a little painful seeing her grow- but it made her grow up and become a better person.

The Perfect Game is just a perfect read. It shows flaws in relationship that most couples go through - famous or not. This book just proved that with love, anything is possible. A relationship can still exist even with broken trust. Because with enough love, trust can be restored and the two people who are meant to be together will have their happily ever after.

J. Sterling, you kept me awake all night reading this amazing novel and I didn't regret every minute of it

Favorite Quotes:

  • “Have you ever noticed how pretty and beautiful words can be? How easy it is to say the things you think someone wants to hear. How you can affect a person’s entire day with just a few measly sentences?”
  • “Kitten, I’d break my fucking pitching arm if it meant keeping you safe.” 
  • “And I know that the past version of me is someone you would never trust. But who I am when I’m with you” he paused, “isn’t who I used to be. I don’t think I’ve been that guy since the night of our first date, so it’s not fair that you judge me like I’m still him.” 
  • “That anyone could father a child, but a real man chooses to be a dad.” 
  • “Sometimes letting go is the only way to find out who you're meant to hold on to.”       

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28 December 2012

Book Review: Getting Hotter

by Elle Kennedy

        Review: 4/5


If it's getting any hotter I'd be in flames reading this book of the series.

A little bit of


and some of


Okkkaaaaaaaay. Thought it was too much for my senses, but it was okay. Can't wait to read the next one in the series.

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27 December 2012

Book Review: The Proposition

by Katie Ashley
Review: 3/5

I was like...


Until I reach the ending...


For those who haven't read this novel yet and is not fond of a cliff hanger - don't even try reading it!

Geez. I would have love it if not for the cliffhanger-ending and the fact that I have to wait for the second book till next year.

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26 December 2012

Book Review: The Wallbanger

by Alice Clayton

Review: 5/5

Alice Clayton You had me at the title!!!

This book is pretty awesome: it's fun, sweet and sexy.

Did I had fun reading this???!!!


It's basically about two strangers, who met in a very weird circumstances - yeah, the thump, thump, thump sound from the wall allowed the meeting of Caroline and Simon.


Caroline has been having problem in trying to find her big O. And of course, as the blurb would suggest - it didn't mean Oprah. So after series of dates and frustrations - she decided to let go of the dating arena for the mean time.

Here comes Simon - who seemed to have a harem at his disposal making her sleepless at night with all those sounds being made against her wall. Oh how can he be so ruthless? Here she was: her sex life was in drought and her big O was missing and Simon was just giving it away to all those girls.

When Caroline had it with all the thump-thump sound against the wall - she knocked on his door on her pink nighties and told him to stop what he was doing because she wasn't getting any sleep. What a first meeting, right? I think so too.

But despite the fact that their first meeting was a little bit weird - the two of them called a truce and became friends. Amidst the over flowing sexual tension, and attraction between the two: they set it aside and really became great friends.

This is what I love about this story because it was not rushed. It is very well-phased and love took its time. Oh there were a lot of laughter inside this novel - especially coming from Clive The wonderful, wonderful CAT and their pair of friends with mismatched partners.

I like Simon - and he was an amazing person. Not just because he allowed the friendship to grow rather than had her on his bed immediately. But he was sweet, understanding and very generous as well. He took her to places where she wanted to go and gave her the time of her life. It's a good thing that there are men would think with using the right head.

Would love to recommend this book to readers to:
1) wants a good laugh
2) loves romcom
3) loves Sarra Manning's book (because this book reminded me so much of hers, but in a way still different)
4) wants to fall in love all over again
5) adores cats because Clive - he's sooooooo Clive & second to these two - he's the star of the book 

Favorite Quotes:
  • “Why do all men seem to think they need to rescue a woman? Are we not capable of rescuing our damn selves? Why do I need to be rescued? I don’t need a man to rescue me, and I certainly don’t need no wallbanging, Purina-fucking, listening-at-my-wall-like-a-goddamn-psycho coming over here to rescue me! You got that, mister?”   
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Book Review: Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

Book Description:

Sometimes discovering the truth can leave you more hopeless than believing the lies…

That’s what seventeen-year-old Sky realizes after she meets Dean Holder. A guy with a reputation that rivals her own and an uncanny ability to invoke feelings in her she’s never had before. He terrifies her and captivates her all in the span of just one encounter, and something about the way he makes her feel sparks buried memories from a past that she wishes could just stay buried.

Sky struggles to keep him at a distance knowing he’s nothing but trouble, but Holder insists on learning everything about her. After finally caving to his unwavering pursuit, Sky soon finds that Holder isn’t at all who he’s been claiming to be. When the secrets he’s been keeping are finally revealed, every single facet of Sky’s life will change forever.

Review: 5/5!!!!!!!

5 stars???

Are you freakin' kidding me?


Because you! Yes you, Colleen Hoover deserves a whole sky of it for writing this sweet, gut-wrenching, tear-jearker, touching, super amazing, 'unputdownable' book.

Now, how do I start telling everyone that among my holiday reads - this one just beat every single wonderful novel I have downloaded on my Kindle?

I stayed up all night finishing it because I don't want to miss anything! Some things just can't wait - and some books would want you to stay up at night in frantic anticipation. Will they or will they not have a happy ending???

Meet Sky - she's one of those rare human species who doesn't exist online. No Facebook, Twitter or Myspace account. She hates surprises and receiving presents. She's adopted by a woman who lives a very healthy life and seems to have a phobia with technology. Homeschooled since she was young, Sky was finally allowed to enroll in a public school for her senior year. Problem is that, her super best friend in the whole world, Six is half way across the globe and she's now alone facing all the people who seemed to have an idea who she is without even knowing her first. Thank God she met a new best friend, Breckin - a gay Mormon who is just as wonderful as Six. One thing I love about her: She's one lucky, and brave girl.

Then there's Holder. Rumor has it that he's just spent a year in juvi for beating a gay. BUT!!!!

Holder... oh Holder.... He's.... *speechless*

Let me borrow Sky's thought - because I could already feel myself swooning.

1. His amazingly perfect white teeth hidden behind that seductively crooked grin. 2) The dimples that form in the crevices between the corner of his lips and cheeks when he smiles 3) I'm pretty sure I'm having a hot flash or I have butterflies or maybe I'm coming down with a stomach virus.

I can already tell he isn't the kind of guy a girl gets a simple crush on. He's the kind of guy you fall hard for, and the thought of that terrifies me.

He's a boyfriend that a girl could want. Oh hell, I want him for myself!!! How could I not, when he's a whole lot of package roll into one? He's the bad boy who turned to a most whipped boyfriend by love. He's sweet, and I'm glad that he found her after a life-long search.

“F#%k all the firsts, Sky. The only thing that matters to me with you are the forevers.”

But there are just some things between them - dreams that Sky could not understand and secrets Holder could not divulge. This could end things between them, and their lives would change forever. But no secrets can be kept for long.

I could no longer continue without spoiling the book. So let me end this review right now by saying:

It's one of the book that I will constantly remember for a very, very long time and I will gladly recommend to ALL my friends without any doubt. And Colleen, just like what your character said in the book - let me just rephrase it.

“I swear I will spend every last breath thanking you for writing this book .” 

Favorite Quotes 

  • “Sky, I'm not kissing you tonight but believe me when I tell you, I've never wanted to kiss a girl more. So stop thinking I'm not attracted to you because you have no idea just how much I am. You can hold my hand, you can run your fingers through my hair, you can straddle me while I feed you spaghetti, but you are not getting kissed tonight. And probably not tomorrow, either. I need this. I need to know for sure that you're feeling every single thing that I'm feeling the moment my lips touch yours. Because I want your first kiss to be the best first kiss in the history of first kisses.”   
  • “The moment my lips touch yours, it will be your first kiss. Because if you've never felt anything when someone's kissed you, then no one's ever really kissed you. Not the way I plan on kissing you.”
  • “The sky is always beautiful.Even when it's dark or rainy or cloudy,it's still beautiful to look at....it'll be there no matter what...and I know it'll always be beautiful.”
  • "You cant get mad at a real ending. Some of them are ugly. Its the fake happily ever afters that should piss you off.” 
  • “I'm not a sucker for happily ever afters, but if these two characters don't get theirs I might climb inside this e-reader and lock them both inside that damn garage forever.” 
  • “My lack of access to the real world has been replaced completely by books, and it can’t be healthy to live in a land of happily ever afters.” 
  • “You don't deserve words, Sky. You deserve actions.” 
  • “F#%k all the firsts, Sky. The only thing that matters to me with you are the forevers.”      
  • “Sky, if you’re wondering if I have commitment issues, the answer is no. Someday in the far, far, far away future…like post-college future…when I propose to you…which I will be doing one day because you aren’t getting rid of me…I won’t be marrying you with the hope that our marriage will work out. When you become mine, it’ll be a forever thing. I’ve told you before that the only thing that matters to me with you are the forevers, and I mean that.”
  • “I can already tell he isn't the kind of guy a girl gets a simple crush on. He's the kind of guy you fall hard for, and the thought of that terrifies me.” 
  • “Lust is the best of all the deadly sins. Six” 
  • “All marriages have a time limit if you enter them for the wrong reasons. Marriage doesn't get easier...it only gets harder. If you marry someone hoping it will improve things, you might as well set your timer the second you say, 'I do.” 
  • “I swear I will spend every last breath thanking you for allowing yourself to love me.” 
  • “Not everyone gets a happily every after. Life is real and sometimes it's ugly and you just have to learn how to cope.” 
  • “The things that knock you down in life are tests, forcing you to make a choice between giving in and remaining on the ground or wiping the dirt off and standing up even taller than you did before you were knocked down. ” 
  • “The events of your life are all crammed together one minute right after the other without any time lapses or blank pages or chapter breaks because no mater what happens life just keeps going and moving forward and words keep flowing and truths keep spewing wether you like it or not and life never lets you pause and just catch your fucking breath.” 
  • “Sarcasm isn't at all funny when it's the truth” 
  • “Somehow in the course of sixty seconds, this guy has managed to swoon me, then terrify the hell out of me.” 
  • “Sometimes you have to choose between a bunch of wrong choices and no right ones. You just have to choose which wrong choices feels the least wrong.” 
  • “When I touch you, I’m touching you because I want to make you happy. When I kiss you, I’m kissing you because you have the most incredible mouth I’ve ever seen and you know I can’t not kiss it. And when I make love to you—I’m doing exactly that. I’m making love to you because I’m in love with you.”              

Book Review: 'Twas the Night After Christmas

Review: 5/5
“I’m suggesting that you let someone inside that empty room you call a heart. Whether you make her your wife or your mistress, a man’s bed is decidedly warmer if there’s a fire burning in something other than his cock.”

Just in time for the title...

I really loved the Hellions of Halstead Hall Series by Sabrina Jeffries, and for those who haven't read it yet, no worries. 'Twas the Night After Christmas works well as stand alone. But of course, reading the whole series can be worthwhile.

Why do I love this book?

1. Pierce. I wanted to give him a soft, tight hug. He deserves one or a hundred more after what he had been through as a little boy.


The little boy who felt no body wanted him at all. His asthma made him a little weak and his father hated weak. Saying that he has a poor relationship with his father would be an understatement. But his mother, at first I didn't know what went wrong with the relationship because I can feel that his mother loved him to a fault. She was the buffer that he needed with all the shenanigans that his father threw him at an early age. The moment he was sent off to school, he never saw his parents again. He was forced to spend his vacation with the cousins he barely knew. And when he reached his age of majority- he went back to his parents and finally confront them, only to be sent away.

I couldn't blame him if he hated both his mother and father. I couldn't blame him if he wanted the truth out- something his mother wanted to forget. I think he deserved to know the truth from the moment he reached his majority...

When the truth came out, oh well, it wasn't as dramatic as I hope it could be. But at least the story ended every cards placed on the table. The little boy finally had his needed truth and happy ending.

2. Camilla had worked for the countess for a while and saw the great love for her son and her son's subtle rejection for it. Since the old lady has been kind to her and her little boy, she decided to repay the kindness by meddling with her affairs. She sent a missive to the earl that his mother was at death's door. When the earl finally knew that he was tricked, he refuses to stay unless Camilla agreed to a compromise.

I love the dedication Camilla has given her work and to the countess. Even though she learned the truth, and could not fathom how the countess could have done it, she never left her. But most of all, I really adore her because she was a great mother. That no matter what her feelings are, or how those feelings run deep for Pierce, she would still chose her son.

Sabrina Jeffries once again made a beautiful story, not just a love story shared between the opposite sex. But it's a wonderful story of forgiveness, moving on and the extent of a mother's love for her children. 'Twas a Night After Christmas is a perfect season read for all the regency book lovers out there.

Favorite Quotes:

  • “I’m suggesting that you let someone inside that empty room you call a heart. Whether you make her your wife or your mistress, a man’s bed is decidedly warmer if there’s a fire burning in something other than his cock.”
  • “I can promise that even having an imperfect one who loves you is better than having none at all.” 
  • “Believing in love isn’t like believing in flying reindeer. It’s like believing in rain. Or summer. Or Christmas. Love is real and steady and absolutely essential to any kind of life. Not believing in it doesn’t make it any less so.” 
  • “If you’ve learned anything from your parents, it ought to be this—love works only when it’s mutual. Otherwise, eventually it becomes exactly what you call it—a meaningless word. For both parties.” 
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25 December 2012

Book Review: Always You

by Kirsty Moseley
Review: 4/5

I need you to promise me, promise me you’ll survive this. I need to hear you say it and then I can stop worrying because you’ve never broken a promise to me before, so I have a lot of faith in your word

Who doesn't love this kind of relationship?





For starters - if it weren't THAT long, I would have given it a five. But their story had drag on forever, and I was wondering how it was going to end. BUT of course, when it ended, I had some unshed tears in my eyes, and a little relief that FINALLY - these two love birds have their happy ending.

Clay, if someone would love me as much as he loved Riley then I'd be the luckiest girl in the world. Now, if only he can tell her that... He's a total player, and he doesn't do girlfriends because Riley is the only girl for him. An old nemesis comes into the picture and threatens their relationship. Would he come clean and tell Riley how he feels? Or would he let this man come between them and let him have Riley?

Riley, why do you cry so much? I have encountered a lot of crying ladies from several YA novels, and Riley is on that list as well. She cries for simple stuffs, she's afraid to take risk and lose her best friend - but not afraid to flirt and go out with someone she doesn't really know. Sometimes I wish to shake her and say: Wake Up, Riley! BUT - among all the characters in this novel, Riley's character growth was pretty amazing. From a cry-baby - she grew up and fought a hard battle for Clay in the end. She showed how much she knew the person she was fighting for and was ready to do anything for him.

Some steamy scenes, coupled with some sweet scenes isn't a bad combination after all. The novel was nice and was centered on the development of the relationship between Clay and Riley who started as friends. Readers join the ride in the journey of their friendship - and see how it all ends up. It was one hell of a ride, with all the possible bumps and surprises you somehow didn't see coming. (I mean- they were intelligent people, but I guess alcohol, hormones and emotions doesn't mix well together.)

Would Recommend it to:
1) Older teens
2) loves the best-friend love story plot
3) tear-jearker novels
4) have the patience for long (a little bit draggy) novels - it was worth in the end though :)

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24 December 2012

Book Review: Come A Little Bit Closer

by Bella Andre

Review: 5/5

“I’ve always wondered why love has to be so full of conflict and strife. Why can’t love be simple? Why can’t it just be as pure as two people who realize that they can’t live as well, or as happily, apart as they can together?”

This is exactly what the book will do to you once you come a little bit closer to it:


Yay! The long wait is over, finally! Smith's story is here, and of course - when did Bella Andre disappoint me? Never! I so love Smith - the uber popular Sullivan sibling. Although I love the whole family, Smith owns a special place in my heart. He loves and dotes on his siblings, and even though he's busy, he finds a way to be with his family. Who wouldn't want someone like that? Now he's getting old and he wants to have what his siblings have right now: True Love . He didn't want flings anymore. He's ready to settle down. He wanted someone special and would want him for the man that he is and not the actor.



Then here comes Valentina who seems to be immune with his charms and has already place all possible defenses around her against him. He wanted her. But does she want him as well?

Valentina. I admire her as a person, because at a young age, she already took the responsibility of being her sister's guardian-slash-manager. She makes sure her sister stays safe in Hollywood - away from the booze, drugs, sex, and rock&roll - How did she ever manage it? But that's why I like her. It was a big task, and Tatiana grew up well - professional, and despite her status, both her feet were still touching the ground. Their relationship stayed stronger and they have never been this close.

But the problem is Smith - how can she be able to resist him? She was afraid of his status, of the vulnerability of the relationship when being exposed in the press and she didn't like that. She wanted to have a man who didn't work in front of the camera, or anywhere near it. But then Smith is Smith - He's a Sullivan and he can charm his way to her heart...

What if she let falling in love with him be as natural as gravity?

I love it! Yes, the scenes were sexy and steamy - the exchanges were fiery. But the storyline - it was beyond my expectations. It was more than just a story of a famous and rich man wanting real love - but it's a story of a girl who didn't think she was good enough for someone famous, and rich - but ended up to be his perfect pair.

And I'm looking forward for Lori's story soon :)

Favorite Quotes:

  • “I’ve always wondered why love has to be so full of conflict and strife. Why can’t love be simple? Why can’t it just be as pure as two people who realize that they can’t live as well, or as happily, apart as they can together?”
  • “You were right when you said that love shouldn’t have to be a battlefield. When it’s with the right person, I’ve seen love be easy. Sweet. And perfect.” 
  • “Some things are just perfect, even when they don't make any sense” 
  • “What if she let falling in love with him be as natural as gravity?”          
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23 December 2012

Book Review: My Only

by N.K. Smith

Review: 4/5

Adam and Aaron are twins - but like any other twins, they are so different from each other. Aaron is the jock of the two. He's an athlete, a sociable person and everybody likes him - especially girls. On the other hand, Adam, oh Adam. He's the geek in the pair, he's a member of the band where he excels as one of the rhythm drummers. He's silent, and has little friends. These two are way to different from each other, but they have a bond. They were close and they truly love each other. Their mother died giving birth to them, and it was only their father who served as both mom and dad.

Then Olivia came along - she's sweet, and pretty hot. She has this aura of a girl who lives her life each day at a time, looking at the positivity of life rather than the negativity of it. Who wouldn't be attracted to her, right? Adam saw her first - dancing on her window from across his room.

“Well maybe if you’d had the balls to actually ask her out, none of this would have happened!”

My sentiments exactly.

Aaron already gave him the chance to be the one to ask her first but...


All you have to do is ask her Adam! Just ASK HER! But he's too shy.

Olivia was just too good to be true, and like the old adage runs: (view spoiler) :) Nevertheless, this was a great story of friendship, brotherhood, living life, finding and losing love and lastly, moving on. It teaches us that yes, we need to grab every opportunity we get because it may never knock on our doors again, or if we delay accepting it - we may not have enough time in the world to enjoy it.

After I read the book, this is what I told myself:


But still, My Only was...

Oh it is. I'd recommend it to friends who likes:
1) A boy's POV.
2) Twins with different personalities
3) Free-spirited girl who's torn between two boys
4) Cry ( I admit, I didn't, but was just close to...)

Favorite Quotes:

  • “Passion was something pure and indescribable - something one could see without being told.”
  • “Listen, life’s too short to let sadness overpower you for long periods of time. Like you said, ‘Everyone dies.’ I felt my emotions, cried my tears, and then came to peace about it. You don’t ever ‘get over’ something like that,” she said, adding air quotes. “Al you can do is embrace the experience and do your best to go on.” 

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