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If you are an author or a publisher and you would like me to read and review your book or you would just like me to help you promote your book, you can just email me at the following information:

Email address:
Book Title:
Is This Part of a Series?
Can I read it as a Stand-Alone?
(If Not, when is the expected publication of the next book?)
Date of Release:
Goodreads Link:
Preferred Date of Posting:

I will try to get back to you as soon as I can – please bear with me. With my reading list and my crazy work schedules, I can be oblivious of time and space. Nevertheless, before hitting that send button on your email, let me give you a list of my preferred GENRES.

Preferred Genres:
Regency Romance
Contemporary Romance
New Adult
Young Adult

I seldom read Paranormal Romance – if ever I do – I stick with the angels (fallen or not), Greek mythologies, and some wolves – definitely no VAMPIRES. Sorry!

I post my reviews on GOODREADS, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest immediately or at least on the week that I post in on my blog.  Please take note that my reviews are my PERSONAL opinion about the book. It may not be always positive - but it will always be honest.  


cha :) 

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