19 August 2019

Book Review | THE DAY HE CAME BACK by Penelope Ward (@penelopewardauthor)


A Standalone Contemporary Romance
New York Times, USA Today, and #1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author 
Penelope Ward 

25 June 2019

Book Review | Winter Flower by Charles Sheehan-Miles (@CSheehanMiles)


From the bestselling author of Just Remember to Breathe and The Last Hour, a shocking and poignant story of a family on the brink of destruction and the transformational events that could bring them back together—or tear them apart. 

Every day, Cole Roberts reminds himself that life wasn’t always this bleak. He was once passionately in love with Erin. Sam used to be an artistic and lively kid. They hadn’t always lived in a shabby two-room house in rural Alabama, where he runs a mediocre restaurant in the middle of nowhere.

That was before Brenna disappeared. It was before Cole lost his job and they lost their home.

Every day it gets worse. Erin drinks wine out of the bottle and spends her days with a tormented expression, searching the web for signs of their daughter. Sam hides in his room and rarely speaks. And Cole works himself to a stupor for a paycheck a fraction of the size of his old salary. 

Until one day a phone call changes everything.

winter flower is at once a tragic tale of the disappearance of a child; struggling with gender identity; of the dark world of sex-trafficking and the transformation and healing of a family. Sheehan-Miles’s longest novel delves into the depths of family life—and how, sometimes, we can heal and find restoration.

Book Review


Charles Sheehan-Miles once again delivered another thought-provoking, heart-pounding novel laced with so much reality that would keep his readers on the edge of their seats.

The Roberts family was just an ordinary family. He was in love with his wife, and his son, Sam, used to be an artistic and happy kid. They have a nice house in a nice neighborhood. He has a great job, and Erin was a stay at home mom. But everything went down the drain when their daughter, Brenna disappeared. He lost his job, they lost their home.

They end up in the middle of nowhere Alabama, in a worn-out house, where from his executive table, he runs a small restaurant. Everyday, their lives just spiral, Erin is finding comfort at the bottom of the double, while spending her days trying to find their daughter through the internet. Sam is keeping things to himself, and not talking to any of them. And him? He works himself to tiredness for a meager salary to support his family.

You can’t help but get the feels and submerge yourself with the characters as all of them try to survive. Cole, Erin, Sam and Brenna. This wasn’t for the faint of heart. The journey was not a walk in the park. It was hard, there were loads of bumps in the roads, and mistakes were done.

But what I love about this book is despite all the things that happened is the amount of support that surrounded the family. In their own small or big way, people helped, and it made all the difference in the world.

Especially with Sam and his secrets. I think he was the most affected when Brenna disappeared. He did not just lost his sister. He lost his best friend and his confidant. No one understood him better than his sister.

And Brenna, she’d been through hell, and I was glad our author did not sugarcoat it. It was painful to read and just heartbreaking. And perhaps what makes it so painful is the fact that this is happening in our society, and not all are lucky enough to find their daughters and bring them back into their homes. You can see her journey right from the start, and the rescue wasn’t really the end. There was so much more to do after she’d found her way back to her family. It was hard, but they were all working on it.

This book is all about love, family, survival, acceptance and forgiveness. This is something that would stay with your for a very long time and would tickle not only your senses, but your awareness of the things that is happening around us. Charles Sheehan-Miles managed to packed several social topics that are considered taboos into one book, and making it into one, big giant emotional rollercoaster ride, which was way worth it.   

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24 June 2019

Blog Tour + Book Review | Letters to Molly by Devney Perry (@DevneyPerry)


Molly Alcott didn’t expect to open her mailbox one summer morning and find an old letter stuffed between bills and a supermarket flyer. Penned in familiar handwriting, dated over fifteen years ago, the letter was written to Molly after her first date with the man she’ll never forget.

Week after week, new letters appear. Each marks an event in the history of their epic love affair. Each heals a wound. Each holds the confession of the man who still owns Molly’s heart.

The letters are full of promise, hope and love, but truth be told, Molly wishes she could unread them all.

Because the man who wrote these letters is not the one sending them.

Barnes & Noble: https://geni.us/qoT72t

03 May 2019

Blog Tour + Book Review | Debase by Rachel Van Dyken (@RachVD)

Debase, the final book in the Eagle Elite Series and the first new book in the Elite Bratva Brotherhood by #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Rachel Van Dyken is Live!

30 April 2019

Release Blitz | Debase by Rachel Van Dyken (@RachVD)

Debase, the final book in the Eagle Elite Series and the first new book in the Elite Bratva Brotherhood by #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Rachel Van Dyken is Live!

25 March 2019

Blog Tour + Book Review | The Hardest Route by A.S. Teague (@authorasteague)

New Release + Book Review | The Edge of Forever by J. Saman (@jsamanbooks)

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Book Review | The Feel Good Factor by Lauren Blakely (@laurenblakely3)

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Cover Reveal | Well Suited by Staci Hart (@quirkybird)

Well Suited, the final standalone in the Red Lipstick Coalition Series from Staci Hart, is coming May 2nd and we have the beautiful cover for you!

Chemistry is my love language.

I’ve always been able to separate feelings from chemosignals. A shot of dopamine, a dash of serotonin, and a sprinkle of oxytocin—and bam. You’re in love.

And when egg meets sperm, you’re pregnant.

I couldn’t even be surprised as I stared down at the little blue plus sign, because I knew exactly when and how, and with whom it happened.

When: approximately five weeks ago.
Who: one night stand.
How: prophylactic malfunction.

The upside? I don’t have to go looking for a suitable mate.

Genetically, he’s the cream of the crop. His musculature is a study in symmetry and strength, his height imposing and dominant. He is a man who thrives on control and command, a man who survives on intelligence and resourcefulness. A perfect male specimen.

And the whole package is wrapped up in a flawlessly tailored suit.

I’m having this baby, and he insists we’re well-suited to have it together. And what’s worse? He wants more, in the way of love and marriage.

But love isn’t real. It’s just a product of chemistry.

And if he changes my mind about that, we’re both in trouble.

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21 March 2019

New Release | Bitter Rival by J. Sterling (@authorjsterling)

Amazon Worldwide: http://mybook.to/BitterRival

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New Release + Book Review | Advice From A Jilted Bride by Piper Rayne (@authorpiperrayne)

The Baileys #2
By Piper Rayne
Release Day March 21

What’s a girl to do after being ditched at the altar by text message? That’s right. Text. Message.

How does she pick up the pieces and move on? I’m no Dear Abby but here’s a little free advice…

Advice #1 – First, purge your apartment of all things him—by tossing his belongings off the balcony.

Advice #2 – Do not, I repeat do not, throw anything out into the hallway because you’ll injure your hot new neighbor.

Advice #3 – When said neighbor brings over Chinese Food do not let him stay and keep you company. It’s awkward when you realize he’s your boss.

Advice #4 – Accept his offer to help you with your side business but think twice before using a date to his sister’s wedding as collateral.

Advice #5 – Investigate who your mystery neighbor really is. Don’t trust his word even if he’s the world’s best kisser.

If you listen to nothing else, pay attention to that last one. It’s the most important and will save you a lot of heartache.




If you love the first book of the series, you haven't seen the last of it yet - because it just gotten better. So, Austin had his HEA in Lessons from a One Night Stand and we thought our girl Brooklyn would have the same with her boyfriend, after all they were getting married. 

Good thing that didn't happen. Yep, our Brookie was jilted on the day of her wedding by her a**hat fiance. He was lucky enough not to be in the vicinity or the Bailey boys might have killed him after what he did to their sister.

Brooklyn was lucky enough to have her family hovering over her, but she needed to have an alone time and reflect. Only that didn't happen as well because fate has other plans. When she ended up back at her apartment, her new good-looking neighbor was set out to help her by bringing in Chinese food.

What she didn't expect is this hot-new neighbor to be her boss. Oh no.

It didn't stop the attraction to grow between Wyatt and Brooklyn though. Wyatt was very thoughtful, nice and easy on the eyes. He was there for her when she needed the most, and it helps that the Bailey boys like him. He has his own secrets though, secrets that might set them apart. 

I enjoyed reading this book. I laughed a lot with the family - they were just hilarious, even at the face of heartbreak. I loved how their love story worked out, it didn't feel like a rebound. Oh no, it grew, and I was glad both of them didn't jump into it right away. 

Advice From A Jilted Bride is an easy, sexy and romantic read.

I just can't wait for the rest of the Bailey's HEA! 

Piper Rayne, or Piper and Rayne, whichever you prefer because we’re not one author, we’re two. Yep, you get two USA Today Bestselling authors for the price of one. Our goal is to bring you romance stories that have "Heartwarming Humor With a Side of Sizzle" (okay...you caught us, that's our tagline). A little about us... We both have kindle’s full of one-clickable books. We're both married to husbands who drive us to drink. We're both chauffeurs to our kids. Most of all, we love hot heroes and quirky heroines that make us laugh, and we hope you do, too.

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New Release | The Hardest Route by A.S. Teague (@authorasteague)

19 March 2019

New Release + Book Review | Hissy Fit by Lani Lynn Vale (@LanilynnVale)

New Release + Book Review | Risky Play by Rachel Van Dyken (@RachVD)


Even one-night stands deserve a second chance in New York Times bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken’s novel of sporting desire.

What else can a virgin do when she’s ditched at the altar? Seattle heiress Mackenzie Dupont is treating herself to a single-girl honeymoon in Mexico and a desire to relinquish her innocence to a gorgeous one-night stand. Fake names. True pleasure. But when she wakes up alone, Mackenzie realizes just how much anger is left in her broken heart.

Suffering a tragic personal loss, pro soccer player Slade Rodriguez has his reasons for vanishing without a goodbye. Right or wrong, he’s blaming the beautiful and infuriating stranger he never wants to see again. They’re both in for a shock when Mackenzie shows up as his new personal assistant. And they both have a lot to learn about each other. Because they share more than they could possibly know, including a common enemy who’s playing his own games. And he’s not afraid to get dirty.

Now there’s only one way Mackenzie and Slade can win: to trust in each other and to stop hiding from the lies they’ve told, the secrets they’ve kept, the mistakes they’ve made, and the attraction that still burns between them.



Rachel Van Dyken did it once again. She didn’t disappoint with Risky Play. It was hilarious, sweet, great plot and interesting characters that will make you read this book in one sitting.

Mac is a planner. She knew what she wanted in her life, and planned it perfectly. It wasn’t in her plan to be jilted right in front of the altar of the man who promised her forever. After that humiliating event in her life, she decided to go on their honeymoon alone. She met Slade in the plane.

The first time they met was quite funny. I love the fact that Mac got rid of her inhibitions and jump to whatever she felt like doing. Slade was a willing partner. Although, they left the part of giving each other their real names. It felt real, and she felt good for the first time in months after what happened. When reality strike, their vacation was cut short, and Slade left her alone.

Slade is a famous athlete. He decided to have a break after his controversial transfer, and it was refreshing to know that the lady sitting beside him on the plane didn’t know him. But he’d been an a**, and left her at the resort.

The next thing he knew is that she was working for him. How can he possibly resist the woman?

Yes, the next time they met Slade was quite rude. But I was glad that it didn’t take long before Mac put him in his place. I love their banters, and their tug-of-wars about what they feel. I love Jagger and Matt and even Alfie.

I love how Mac’s character evolved. She finally knew what she’s worth and she knew that she deserves better if not the best. Slade, aw, he can break your hearts, but he knows how to grovel, and he does it well. I adore the friendship that developed between Jagger and Slade and Matt as well - bromance at its finest. I enjoyed it immensely. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.

If you want to read something light, fun, sexy, and romantic - you have to read Risky Play!

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