18 October 2013

Summer Is For Lovers by Jennifer McQuiston - Book Tour, Book Review, Giveaway

Summer Is For Lovers
Jennifer McQuiston
Avon Romance
Releasing September 24th, 2013

David Cameron has been tricked. After bringing his supposedly ailing mother to Brighton to take the waters, he’s found himself bombarded with young ladies of marriageable age, while his mother has made a marked improvement. Seeking respite from the hordes, he retreats to a beach he hasn’t seen in years--and finds a woman he’s never quite been able to forget.

Caroline Tolbertson just wants to be left alone. But her mother is determined to see her married off, no matter Caroline’s protests--or her embarassing lack of suitors. Seeing David Cameron, her childhood crush, again sets her heart racing, but she’s older and wiser now. And no, that wasn’t her heart sinking when David suggested a faux courtship instead of the real thing.

But Caroline has never been very good at following the rules, and the fake attraction soon grows into the real thing. Now Caroline has more scandalous pursuits in mind and David is finding it very hard to say no to his gorgeous friend. Will giving in to temptation send them both down a path they each claim to abhor--straight to the altar?

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It has been eleven years since Caroline Tolbertson had saved a soldier from drowning, eleven years since someone had captured her attention as well as her heart, eleven years since he had seen him. Caroline wants nothing more in life than have the freedom to do what she loves most – SWIM. It was unladylike, and no respectable lady would be caught doing strokes in the vast ocean current, but she loved it. It has been the only bond her and her-late father had. Never mind that she didn’t have any suitors, or that her mother is set on marrying her off to just about anyone. Seeing David once again was another story. It has been years, but her heart experiences the same thing like everything happened yesterday.  BUT her heart breaks and her hope sinks when David only wanted to be her friend. 
 It was his mother’s idea for them to go to Brighton, feigning (or not) an illness with a not-so-good prognosis, he sets foot on the town he had never come back to for over a decade. The first thing in his agenda, after seeing to his mother’s wellbeing was to go to the place where the young girl once rescued him from drowning – only to find the young girl is already grown up to be a beautiful lad. With some dark secrets from his past, he needed to fight a powerful attraction, instead he offers friendship, and a little help to boost up her esteem. But when suitors began to swarm, and marriage offers begins to drop on her feet like rain – regrets starts to overcome him. 
 I love summer as much as Caroline loved it – it might be hot, but you get to do things you don’t normally do during rainy days. As for Caroline it was swimming. Although she hated lying to her family about her long walks, she couldn’t give up the one thing that she loved most. I admire her love for her family, the urge to protect them, especially her stuttering sister, Pen. She knew she needed to get married, and although it would kill her that the person she loved doesn’t want to marry her, duty-bound and for her family, she has to accept another proposal. She was willing to sacrifice her happiness to secure their future, and I like her for it. Her selflessness, her wit, charm, courage, her broad shoulders, and the fact that she speaks what’s on her mind most of the times. 
 ALL HE NEEDED TO DO was to fight off his demons and admit his attraction (or love) to her – rather than playing friends and getting jealous as to whomever she spends her time with. It’s his fault for throwing her to the wolves. David has his exasperating moments, sometimes enough to drown him in the ocean. Would he allow himself to fall in love once again and put his heart at risk? Or suffer watching the woman he loves marry someone else? 
 I like the plot, especially the first past on how the met (highly unusual and entertaining), the scenery, the season, the characters (except the big bully, of course), the overflowing chemistry between the two of them and not to mention the steamy scenes on the cove. 
 Summer is for Lovers is a historical romance that will warm your bed in this cold weather. 

 *ARC Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.

A veterinarian and infectious disease researcher by training, Jennifer McQuiston has always preferred reading romance to scientific textbooks. She resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, their two girls, and an odd assortment of pets, including the pony she promised her children if mommy ever got a book deal. Jennifer can be reached via her website at www.jenmcquiston.com or followed on Twitter @jenmcqwrites.



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