23 October 2013

Sky Cowboy by Kasey Millstead - Book Tour, Book Review, Giveaway

Sky Cowboy 
Kasey Millstead
Book #2 in the Downunder Cowboy Series
Release Date:  October 15th 2013

Ava Crawley only had one dream in life; grow up and marry the boy next door, Jeremy Henley. When she was twenty, her dream was crushed by her nasty, vindictive, deceitful sister Kennedy. Unable to handle the hurt, Ava fled.

Jeremy Henley is a Sky Cowboy in Australia’s Northern Territory. Along with his twin brother, Jackson, he is Pine Creek’s finest catch. Jeremy doesn’t give a damn about that, he only cares about the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen; Ava Crawley. After years of waiting for Ava to show an interest in him, an opportunity presents itself and Jeremy takes it. Then, Ava up and leaves for France. No explanation. No goodbye. Nothing. She doesn’t come back for three years, and when she does, Jeremy has a baby son.

Will Ava and Jeremy be able to overcome the pain of the past and give their love a chance? Or, will Ava lose her life just as she’s starting to live her dream?

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How can a family member be that spiteful? 
 I don’t know what Ava Crawley did in her past life to deserve a nasty, liar, awful and vindictive sister like Kennedy. She was the golden girl of the family while Ava was the wallflower growing up. She bullied her sister, made her life miserable during high school and made sure her self-esteem was crushed down into pieces before she makes her one final blow that had Ava flew the next plane to Paris. One thing Ava wanted her whole life was not really for Kennedy to like her (this surely was a lost cause) – all she wanted was the boy next door, Jeremy. They had their moments, and just when everything gets to be perfect, her sister ruined it. 
 One hot cowboy – that is Jeremy Henley. He is one of the most eligible bachelors in Australia’s Northern Category along with his twin. All he wanted his whole life was Ava – and after that mind-blowing tequila-induced kiss he thought they had something, he thought it was a start, but guess he was wrong. Because Ava turned her back, and flew to France without saying goodbye nor given him any explanation. When she came back, Jeremy had a son: Oscar. 
 Will both of them have their happy ending? Will Ava take the plunge and finally be with Jeremy? Will Kennedy destroy it again? 
 Jeremy must have been a great father to Oscar, because despite his special needs, he made sure his son was well taken care of. But it doesn’t mean he won’t have the time to convince Ava and finally force her for the much-needed, TALK. Ava is a likable character, I can understand why she needed to runaway, and escape the things that her sister told her, but I still wished she would have talked it out with Jeremy first. Of all people, she should know her sister, and her capabilities. Maybe if she had not listened to her, she and Jeremy wouldn’t waste a whole lot of time hurting and away from each other. 
 This was my first Kasey Millstead read, and she didn’t disappoint. I like the characters (including Oscar and his love for Thomas the train), the plot, the steamy scenes and the twist that caught me by surprise. It was something that I didn’t see coming because I was expecting something else. Just as when you thought you have it all predicted, she gives you something else. This story is more than just romance, it’s a story about family, taking risks and second chances.

★★★ARC Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.★★★

“Hey, Jeremy,” I slur.  The alcohol was definitely bringing out my inner bravado. 
“Hey Ava.”  He smiles at me and I melt.  I feel like I could slide right off the stool and pool on the floor in a big alcoholic puddle.  “What’s going on?” He says nodding towards the Patron. 
“Nothing much.” I slur again and then use my fingers to shove my tongue back in my mouth and wipe away any escaping drool at the same time.  
“Want some company?”  He grins cheekily and all I can do is stare at his mouth; hypnotized.  I’m pretty sure my tongue is hanging out but I can’t do anything about it.  My reflexes are too slow and besides, Jeremy is just too delicious. 
He chuckles, snapping me out of my reverie, and slides onto the stool beside me.As we finish off the bottle of tequila together, we start to flirt.  Harmlessly at first, but then things start getting heated.  I shift in my seat as he blows in my ear and whispers something that I can’t make out.  It doesn’t matter though, it’s still hot as hell. 
“I need to pee,” I slur.  Wobbling as I stand, I make my way slowly outside, towards the ladies room.  Once there, I use the facilities and try to give myself a pep talk.  I need to calm down.  Focus.  Sober up a bit so I can enjoy Jeremy and actually remember having this time with him in the morning.  I wash my hands and walk out, running smack bang into a hard wall of warm solidness. 
“Sorry,” I giggle before looking up into the hypnotizing clear blue eyes of Jeremy.  He grips me around the waist and pushes me back into the wall.  His hand travels down my leg, pausing at my knee to lift up.  Automatically, I curl my limb around his waist.  He leans in and I smell his sweet, warm, alcohol induced breath as it mingles with mine for a split second before he touches his lips to mine.  I moan involuntarily and then gasp as he grinds his hardness against my softness.  His tongue sweeps in and teases mine in an erotic dance.  My hands dive into his soft chocolate brown hair and I grip and tug causing a deep groan to rise from his throat. 
“Get a room, Henley,” a voice calls as they walk by.  I immediately drop my leg and push him back slightly.  We’re both panting heavily.  I try my hardest to focus.  I’m so turned on its unbelievable.  I would have let him take my virginity right then and there if we hadn’t been interrupted.  But, we were.  I take a deep breath and stumble back inside ignoring him calling my name.

Kasey Millstead lives a quiet life in country New South Wales, Australia, with her husband and their four young children. She enjoys baking, singing (ridiculously out of tune) & spending time with friends and family. Kasey has always harboured a deep love for reading and writing, and she is now lucky enough to be living her dream of being an Author.


Cowboy Town, Book #1 in the Downunder Cowboy Series is also available


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