16 October 2013

Burn by Brooke Cumberland - Book Tour, Book Review, Giveaway

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Just when Velaney thinks she is safe again…her worst nightmare comes back to haunt her. 

Eric is dealing with his own insecurities as he tries to accept Velaney’s decision to help the enemy…can he get past it? Will they be there for each other in the end? 

He struggles to step aside and trust Velaney...but will his past keep him from doing so? Can he let go in order to move forward? 

Velaney and Eric had their fair share of ups and downs in SPARK…they love was undeniable and intense. Just when you think they could get their happily ever after…pasts collide and merge together…will they fight for what they want? 

Or will their love crash and burn?

Velaney and Eric are back – thank god I didn’t have to wait long for this. 
 I missed this couple! The story picked up right exactly where it ended. Eric and Velaney are off to Texas after a torturous event in their life. They’re leaving all their demons behind and she was going to meet his parents. 
 She was surprised and happy to know that his parents are unlike hers. They made her feel welcomed and made them a part of their family. Everything was almost perfect, except for the fact that her past is still haunting her. 
 It’s not just her. Eric has demons from his past and insecurities he had to overcome. Velaney has some decisions even I was ambivalent of. It was kind of her (TOO KIND, I might say), to do some sacrifice for people who doesn’t care about her at all. I understand where Eric is coming from, and having been brought up in a Christian home, I understand Velaney’s motives as well.

We all have them, right? But how you live with them? Or better yet, how do you get over them so you can continue to move forward? 
Their happily-ever-after was REALLY AN EFFORT. They had to work for it, get past all their demons, insecurities, themselves and everything in between. This was a rough journey that is so worth it of its beautiful destination. In BURN, we see them mature individually and as a couple, and overcome every obstacle fate throws at them. 
 Brooke Cumberland made sure that BURN will be an explosive way to end her SPARK SERIES. She didn’t fail me. With all the secrets, the twists, and turns presented – I was totally consumed until I reached the final page. Never mind the earthquake (yes, the earth was shaking here in Iloilo while I was reading it) but BURN shook my world way, way stronger!

*ARC Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.

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