23 December 2012

Book Review: My Only

by N.K. Smith

Review: 4/5

Adam and Aaron are twins - but like any other twins, they are so different from each other. Aaron is the jock of the two. He's an athlete, a sociable person and everybody likes him - especially girls. On the other hand, Adam, oh Adam. He's the geek in the pair, he's a member of the band where he excels as one of the rhythm drummers. He's silent, and has little friends. These two are way to different from each other, but they have a bond. They were close and they truly love each other. Their mother died giving birth to them, and it was only their father who served as both mom and dad.

Then Olivia came along - she's sweet, and pretty hot. She has this aura of a girl who lives her life each day at a time, looking at the positivity of life rather than the negativity of it. Who wouldn't be attracted to her, right? Adam saw her first - dancing on her window from across his room.

“Well maybe if you’d had the balls to actually ask her out, none of this would have happened!”

My sentiments exactly.

Aaron already gave him the chance to be the one to ask her first but...


All you have to do is ask her Adam! Just ASK HER! But he's too shy.

Olivia was just too good to be true, and like the old adage runs: (view spoiler) :) Nevertheless, this was a great story of friendship, brotherhood, living life, finding and losing love and lastly, moving on. It teaches us that yes, we need to grab every opportunity we get because it may never knock on our doors again, or if we delay accepting it - we may not have enough time in the world to enjoy it.

After I read the book, this is what I told myself:


But still, My Only was...

Oh it is. I'd recommend it to friends who likes:
1) A boy's POV.
2) Twins with different personalities
3) Free-spirited girl who's torn between two boys
4) Cry ( I admit, I didn't, but was just close to...)

Favorite Quotes:

  • “Passion was something pure and indescribable - something one could see without being told.”
  • “Listen, life’s too short to let sadness overpower you for long periods of time. Like you said, ‘Everyone dies.’ I felt my emotions, cried my tears, and then came to peace about it. You don’t ever ‘get over’ something like that,” she said, adding air quotes. “Al you can do is embrace the experience and do your best to go on.” 

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