25 December 2012

Book Review: Always You

by Kirsty Moseley
Review: 4/5

I need you to promise me, promise me you’ll survive this. I need to hear you say it and then I can stop worrying because you’ve never broken a promise to me before, so I have a lot of faith in your word

Who doesn't love this kind of relationship?





For starters - if it weren't THAT long, I would have given it a five. But their story had drag on forever, and I was wondering how it was going to end. BUT of course, when it ended, I had some unshed tears in my eyes, and a little relief that FINALLY - these two love birds have their happy ending.

Clay, if someone would love me as much as he loved Riley then I'd be the luckiest girl in the world. Now, if only he can tell her that... He's a total player, and he doesn't do girlfriends because Riley is the only girl for him. An old nemesis comes into the picture and threatens their relationship. Would he come clean and tell Riley how he feels? Or would he let this man come between them and let him have Riley?

Riley, why do you cry so much? I have encountered a lot of crying ladies from several YA novels, and Riley is on that list as well. She cries for simple stuffs, she's afraid to take risk and lose her best friend - but not afraid to flirt and go out with someone she doesn't really know. Sometimes I wish to shake her and say: Wake Up, Riley! BUT - among all the characters in this novel, Riley's character growth was pretty amazing. From a cry-baby - she grew up and fought a hard battle for Clay in the end. She showed how much she knew the person she was fighting for and was ready to do anything for him.

Some steamy scenes, coupled with some sweet scenes isn't a bad combination after all. The novel was nice and was centered on the development of the relationship between Clay and Riley who started as friends. Readers join the ride in the journey of their friendship - and see how it all ends up. It was one hell of a ride, with all the possible bumps and surprises you somehow didn't see coming. (I mean- they were intelligent people, but I guess alcohol, hormones and emotions doesn't mix well together.)

Would Recommend it to:
1) Older teens
2) loves the best-friend love story plot
3) tear-jearker novels
4) have the patience for long (a little bit draggy) novels - it was worth in the end though :)

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