18 December 2012

Book Review: The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden

by Jessica Sorensen

In the existence of our lives, there is a single coincidence that brings us together and for a moment, our hearts beat as one.

Callie and Kayden have dark secrets.

Callie and Kayden kept their own scars to the world.

Until that single night which brought the both of them together - she saved his life, and finally he knew her existence.

The novel left me speechless, it had me wanting for more when I got into the last page. It is seldom that I can come across reading a more intense and emotional novel - and this is one of those.

The cover had me, so did the blurb. I was excited to know Callie and Kayden, and when I did - my heart break.

There is something about someone trusting you enough with their secrets that it makes it easier to trust them. It's like they're opening their heart and in return yours should open up to them, too.

Kayden is the star quarterback at school. Their family seemed perfect, but only to the outside. Once the door closes - their home becomes his hell rather than his sanctuary. He suffers in silence, never fights back, never tells anyone. He survived this long - but one night he could almost feel his life was hanging on the edge when finally fate saved him and gave him some luck when Callie coincidentally arrives right on time and saves his life without her realizing it.

If Kayden got lucky, Callie wasn't lucky on the day of her 12th birthday when something unimaginable happened. After that, she changed. She cut her hair, wore baggy clothes and kept everything to herself. Her mother was too happy to notice something terrible happened to her, and she didn't want to disrupt her happiness by telling her. She didn't tell anyone what happened, all she wanted to do was just to get out of town for college and start a new.

I already knew what happened to Kayden, but to Callie, I was half guessing until finally I found some clues. I spend more than half of the novel asking who, who, who? Who can possibly do it?

Once in college, she didn't expect to see him again. She got herself busy with school work and crossing off things from her list that she and her new found friend, Seth made. The List were her road to change, and she's taking baby steps.

As for Kayden, he couldn't stop thinking about the girl who spent her high school being a stranger to everyone and suddenly saved his life. When he found out that Callie goes to the same school, he tried his best to get to know her. But how can he do it - when every time he comes close, Callie seemed to close herself more and more?

And when you think it's only Callie and Kayden keeping secrets - then you are so wrong! Because their friends: Seth and Luke are also keeping their own. But I love them still, they had the back of their friends when they needed them most.

I couldn't help falling in love for each character and wanting them to have their happy endings. I wanted those people who have broken them punished as they should have deserved. But I guess I have to wait for the next novel which is expected to come out next year ----- that long???!!!! with a story as good as this, it should come out earlier!!

I love these two characters who have suffered so much and found the courage to stand up to their oppressors, conquer their fears and fall in love...


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