20 December 2012

Book Review: Between the Sheets

by Julie Prestsater

Review: 4/5

I don't think I can ever love anyone more than I love Tyler. I've loved him almost my entire life.

I have enjoyed Against the Wall and I was looking forward in reading Between the Sheets. (I just love the titles. Found it quite interesting.)


One thing I like about these two ladies is the friendship that they have shared. They are intensely loyal to each other and they love one another a lot. Since Shel has already her very own happy ending - I think Melissa deserved one too.

If only Ty would consider coming back home.

Ty, Shelly's brother, was the love of her life ever since she was a kid. But unlike any other girls - she made her move. Just some move - less words - which causes all the problems in this book. He's swoon-worthy handsome, teaches art a 9-hours away from home and volunteers in a shelter. He loved his work so much that he couldn't stay long, even for Melly Belly.

Now here comes Melissa or Melly Belly to both Shelly and Ty. She's just wonderful and loves wine rather than beer. She couldn't leave her work behind for Ty, this was her home - her whole family and Shel is here. The unexpected happened and Mel found herself in a big ball of confusion.

Who's ready to compromise? The two of them are perfect for each other and have obviously loved each other since way back when. But with no one giving up jobs or homes, both may loose what is more important to the both of them. If only the two of them would sit down in an open-honest conversation, it would have save a lot of time in dealing with their problems.

More than just the hot steamy scenes that would make any girl swoon with envy, Between the Sheets is a story of love, compromise and an open communication to make a relationship - whether long distance or not - to last.          

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