21 December 2012

Book Review: Dizzy

Review: 5/5
Nyrae Dawn
Jolene Perry


Indeed - the whole book was a blast. It was a fast read, easy on the heart, and so just worth the time and effort you spent on reading. No reason to be dizzy because Ms. Dawn and Ms. Perry combined their writing talent to produce this amazing, amazing book.

Dylan (one of the Gibson Boys) was given the shock of his life when his brother suddenly announced that he was getting married. They promised each other that no girls would come between them both after their mother left them and never returned. Now, he was marrying the sister of the hot girl who crashed his party. I think he was dizzy what problem to prioritize: his brother's impending nuptials or the girl he couldn't get off his mind. Everything should be okay if he wasn't cynical with commitment and relationship.

Ziah - don't you just love her name? She's very driven and motivated to go to med school. Everything was in order in her life until she crashes a party and met this rich boy who annoys her for no reason, her boyfriend whom she think was safe just cheated on her with one person she trusted most and of course, her sister is going to get married just before she finishes college. With her heart (or ego) broken, her sister being busy with pre-wedding bliss, she's thrown with Dylan to help plan the wedding. What she didn't expect is that there's more to him than just the regular party boy. But can she make him fall in love with her when he's too oppose to the idea and notion of love? I so admire her ability to forgive and move on.

It is not just the both of them that makes this novel fantastic but the surrounding characters as well. Dylan's best friend Paul is simply the best. They both believe and adhere to their friendship's mantra bros before hoes . It was just nice to see boys being there for each other when one of them needed the other. It was sweet but not to the point that it was girly. You can still feel the testosterone in the air despite the scene.

Two heads are indeed better than one (but both can deliver really good novels individually anyway) Nevertheless, I enjoyed reading this book and I'd recommend this to friends who'd like a sweet, short read about falling in love unexpectedly, letting go of the past and moving forward and friendship & forgiveness. 

Favorite Quotes

  • “It’s so strange how one choice can derail so many lives. It was so huge to me, I expected her answer to change everything, but it didn’t. I guess that’s life, right? You never really know what’s waiting for you. You never really know what’s going to happen or why. You just have to be able to deal with it. Big or small.”   
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