19 December 2012

Book Review: Against the Wall

by Julie Prestsater

Review: 3/5

I want a man who loves me enough to nail me against the wall.

This two people are meant to be together from the start.

I guess, some people find it hard to move on after a long relationship comes to an end. Perhaps it has something to do with the routine that you and the person have shared for the longest time, and suddenly, changes are made and you found yourself alone doing what the two of you should be doing at that particular moment. The hardest thing is that, the former love of your life has moved on to another person. Meet Shelly, the heroine of the story. She needs to move on with her life, after her boyfriend of ten years, fiance of two dumped her and was now dating a co-teacher. But how can she move on when the ex boyfriend keeps on coming back?

Matty! He's the best friend a girl could ever dream of. I like his character, a bit of a chic for the usual guys we often read on romance novels, nevertheless, he's an amazing character. His patience and determination definitely won me over. He didn't push and he allowed the love to grow- he knew he deserves more than just to be Shelly's rebound guy and he was willing to wait until she was ready to love again.

Julie Prestsater made a nice love story of moving on, falling in love with your best friend, and realizing that the one whom you meant to spent forever with is just right in front of you.           

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