17 January 2013

Book Review: Losing It - After a Day at the Beach

Rebeka Rose

She was her ex-boyfriend. He broke her heart when he told her they were done, just because he was going to college. But one summer night, just when he was leaving back for college - they met at the beach.

She was with another guy, and he was with friends. He told her he was ready to move on, but meeting him, and looking deep in his eyes, just with the way he looked at her: she knew she might have a chance on losing her V-card with him.

Who wouldn't want to give her V-card to someone special, someone she loved and hold dear to her heart? 

I love the heroine - the way she took risk, and got what she wanted. She let him go knowing it was for the best. Jason - he was mature and realistic. They were young and he was heading off to college. Long distance relationship might be a long shot. After all, if they were meant to be together, fate would do everything to bring them back to each other's arms.

I like Losing It! But I would have loved it even more if it were longer. This type of plot deserves more depth and drama. If you want to read something short, sweet, and a little steamy - Losing It is a good choice. 

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