16 January 2013

Book Review: Someone To Love by Addison Moore

Fate is bullshit people force-feed themselves when they're too lazy to carve out a destiny of their own. 

Ms. Cynical meets Mr. Cynical.

Addison Moore had me at the cover. It was sexy, and sweet and I wanted to read it the first moment I saw it. I was not disappointed. Not a chance. My first0 Addison Moore book and I had a blast reading it. 

Let me describe it in a few words: Witty, Funny, Sexy, Steamy, and a little bit heartbreaking. 

The Characters

Kendall/Kenny after several divorce her mom went through – love was totally nonexistent. She didn’t believe in love, or if ever it existed, it wouldn’t last that long and would always end in a heart break. That’s why she held on to her V-card for a while. She hasn’t met the man to give it to. Until she met Cruise on her first night at Garison. She was left homeless because her future ‘husband’ forgot to enlist her in one of the dormitories. Good thing she found herself a home and a yummy knight in shining armor to save her. She wasn't looking for a one night stand, but he was.

Cruise Elton Cruise “F*cking” Elton. I like bad boys. But ILOVE bad boys who have the brains and the body to go along with it. Ultimate swoon! He’s done is fair share of manwhoringafter someone broke his heart. And that someone was back in town ready to win him back. 

The Plot
• Steamy Scenes ü
• Sweet Scenes ü
• Funny Scenes ü
• Dramatic Scenes ü
• Horror Scenes ü
• Psychotic Ex Girlfriend Scenes ü

Someone to Love is a whole lot of things rolled into one without actually overwhelming the readers. I love how the story goes, and the phasing of each chapter. Some characters would indeed surprise you of what they can do. But what I love most in this novel is the meeting of two people, who didn’t believe in love, whose view of love has been tarnished found a way into each other’s arms and realize that LOVE, despite its idiosyncrasies and flaws still exists. 

Review Grade

Favorite Quotes:

  • “I’m not used to quiet girls. Moaning girls—screaming girls, now that I’m used to. Quiet worries me, makes me feel as if I’m doing something wrong.” 
  • “If you don’t give your heart away, you can’t get it broken.” 
  • “I can protect my heart now that I know better—now that I know love never works out in the end. Right?” 
  • “Tricking someone into a relationship is the earmark of a despicable person”
  • “Do yourself a favor—wait for someone special. Trust me, he’s not roaming the halls of your high school. And if he were, he wouldn’t be sleeping with some girl named Tracy, or Stacy, or anybody else. He’d only have eyes for you. Don’t give away something you can never get back, save it for someone you love and who really loves you, too.” 
  • “I’ve broken the worst promise I’ve ever made to myself, to never fall in love again.”
  • “I think love is nothing but a fallacy propagated by the greeting card industry and a billion-dollar bridal enterprise that feeds into the fantasy of every little girl.” 
  • “I believe in love because it exists. I don’t take other peoples’ failures and make them my own. I will find love, and it will prosper.” 
  • “I do want to believe in love. I want all of its trappings, and if it costs me my sanity and a very good divorce lawyer, so be it.” 
  • “Before, I simply stepped off the ground, but with you—I’m in the stratosphere. You leave me breathless.” 

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