23 January 2013

Book Review: Hooked by Liz Fichera

Author: Liz Fichera
Source: Netgalley


New beginnings, Fred. Greet them with your eyes wide open. Don't forget that. 

If you think Jordan is the only one who belongs in an all-boys team - then you haven't met Fredricka Oday.


New beginnings. 
Fred plays golf like she was born to do it. She wants to go to college and have a brilliant future - and she knew playing golf is her golden ticket. So when Coach Lannon offered a spot for her in a boy's golf team - she took the offer. Finally, she can see a bright future ahead of her. But, she just knew being the new girl, being a Native Indian in school filled with white people is not paradise. She's not wrong. Fred fought her way in earning a spot in the boy's team and it wasn't a walk in a park either when her new team mates expects her to fail. 

Her parents weren't well off, she didn't even have any golf lessons. She learned with watching and practicing (for free), every chance she gets. All she has to do was to prove to them that she can play golf.

Whose family is perfect anyway? 
Yes, her family wasn't perfect. Her mother was a waitress in an upscale restaurant, and she's expecting Fred to follow her footsteps once she's finished high school. She wasn't exactly the motherly material who would come home and take carer of her kinds. Instead she whines while holding a bottle of alcohol. Her father on the other hand is a sweetheart. I do love the relationship she has with her dad - his support, love and motivation made Fred held on to her dreams. So when she almost lost him - it was just heartbreaking to watch. 

So not in her plans. 
She knew Ryan way back then - he was in one of her classes but he's the kind of person who wouldn't give her the time of the day. He's with the cool kids. When the opportunity knocked in being on the same team with him, being partners, she tried to be cool with it but deep inside her heart was about to break because it was beating so, so fast. And when he suddenly invited her out, she just couldn't believe it.

My best friend lost his spot on the team because of her. 
Ryan, He's one of the most good-looking, popular guys at school. He's good at playing golf as well. At first I hated him. I hated that he couldn't stand up against his best friend. I hated that he was a push over. I hated that he couldn't stand up for what he felt for Fred. His best friend was an ass - and he knew it. He was there when Set does stuffs that a normal sane person wouldn't do - but he stood, watch him and never said a word. Too much for a prince charming.

Some people change, some people don't 
And change, Ryan did. Well, not all at once of course. He did things that are remarkable and made me say - at last, you grew some balls. It's never, ever too late. Good thing he redeemed himself. He's not so bad after all:) 

As for Seth, to what extent would you hold grudge and take revenge on a girl who had no idea she got your spot on the team? Why don't you grow up and accept the fact? She needs it more than you do, heck, she deserves more than you do. I hate everything that he did and I didn't even feel any sympathy at the end of the novel. argh! No Seth, we are so not cool

It's okay to be a friend when you knew your friends need you. But to condone things that aren't nice is so not cool. Friends don't let friends do stupid things - and get the fall. 

On the other hand, I'm glad Fred found friends in school. Sam and the rest of the girls from the Reservation are just the people she needs when everything starts to fall apart. Those are the real friends: people who's ready to catch you when you dive down the hill - accident or not, and ready to kick ass*s when someone hurts you.

Torn between a 3.5 and a 4 
A 3.5 because...
It didn't catch up till the near middle chapters of the book. The phasing was slow until then. But when it caught up - I found the book nice. The character development was slow progress that I almost gave up that change would happened in some of the characters.

A 4 because...
Her passion for golf was really admirable. The Indian customs stated in the book is a fantastic addition. It's nice to know that Fred and her father still honors the tradition despite the modern age. After all, it won't hurt when one follows tradition, right? I like the end chapters. It finally make sense why Fred fell for Ryan instead of Sam. 

Sam & Riley for the next book installment 


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