15 January 2013

Book Review: HOAX

Review Grade: 4/5

My 2013 keeps on getting better and better.

What happens when a girl who spent her life inside an exclusive boarding school suddenly found herself in a public school where bullies reign and good guys are scarce commodity? What happens when one of these bullies, or at least a part of this group was someone you fell in love with over the summer?

Was all of it a HOAX ?

Corrine found herself out of the exclusive school she's been attending for as long as she can remember. They moved out from their house and transferred into a smaller one. She was given a brief explanation for it, and she didn't ask what was happening. She simply went with the flow. Her parents wanted her to house-sit for a family who was going on vacation. It was where she met,Abel. How can she possibly deal with this gorgeous hunk who is in charge with painting the house and mowing the lawn without any experience in dealing with the opposite sex?

Abel I was almost, almost in love with you! And then bam! I wasn't in love with you any longer, and then you did something that was completely amazing and I fell in love with you all over again!!! (roller coaster, right?) That's exactly how I felt knowing in Abel as the story goes. He was friends with people he consideredassholes and I always wonder why. He didn't do relationship and wish to keep what he has with Corrine between the two of them. He didn't want to ruin it, and he didn't want to lose her. But as the school starts, he's afraid that their summer romance wasn't strong enough to face reality. 

Sean I like his character. He was kind to Corrine, and a friend to Abel despite the fact that his friends weren't kind to him. He's very responsible, not just to his family but as well as for the both of them. Despite the fact that he has a lot of tasks at home, and his family depended on him a lot, he still finds time to help the both of them when he's needed. 

Abel and Corrine are just perfect for each other. Exactly what the other one needed. Both of them are alone, being ignore and put aside by both their parents, they found home in each other's arms. But secrets and revelations could tear what they built over the summer. Can they get past through it? Can Abel turn back on his friends and stop the cycle? Can Corrine, after a very long time of being independent, accept help? 

HOAX, more than just a summer romance. It's a love story between two people who found exactly what they needed from each other. It's a story that withstood trials thrown by fate. It's more than just a story of bullying - it's a story when someone finally stood up and stop the cycle from happening all over again. It's about not being afraid of asking someone for help and being ready to accept it when needed. 

My first Lila Felix book and she didn't disappoint. Thank you Jas for recommending this book to me. Indeed, it was good and I had a great time reading it.

Favorite Quotes:
  • “You walked into my life and made it a hundred times better, honey.” 
  • “I’m here Corinne. I’m here waiting for you to realize that helping you, listening to you, sitting in silence with you, holding you while you cry, kissing you until you can’t think straight—I’m honored to be the one who does those things for you. I’m privileged to hear the words ‘I love you’ from your mouth and have them directed at me. But if you don’t need me, then you don’t need me. So this is me telling you that if you find that you do need me, want me, whatever, it’s your turn. Come find me. I love you. And not just today or tomorrow—I will love you always.”  

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