01 January 2013

Book Review: The Marriage Trap

Review: 5/5

This is my favorite book among the 3 currently published Marriage to a Billionaire series.

I love Michael, not just because he's hot, but also because of his sense of responsibility which he took seriously since his father died. He gave up his dream of becoming a racer, and focused on both his family and the family business. He wanted his family to be happy and have everything that they want, so when his sister called crying, telling him she could not get married according to their mother because he should be the one walking to the altar first - he device a plan to deceive his mother: he brought a woman home and introduced her as his fiance. Only that, the plan backfired on him, and he didn't realize his mother has her own plans too.

Maggie wants to be in control of everything. She once lost control and it ended up badly. She swore it won't happen again. So why did she agree with Michael's proposal after he rejected her once? Growing up with a dysfunctional family (except for her brother, Nick), she'd do anything to save what Nick has with Alexa. It includes sacrificing herself to be Michael's faux fiance. But then she didn't expect to be welcome in his family and to belong to them.

How will this charade end, when emotions (not just theirs) are already involve?

Once again Ms Probst gave us another amazing contemporary romance - just enough sweetness, coupled with steamy scenes and moderate family drama that will keep you glued to this book until the last page.

Jennifer Probst: You're name is on my list of favorite contemporary authors. Can't wait for more of your books!        

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