25 January 2013

Book Review: Caught Up In Us by Lauren Blakely

Title: Caught Up In Us
Author: Lauren Blakely
Source: Purchased.


Lauren Blakely had me on the first sentence of her novel. 

He was my first favorite mistake. 

Bryan was Kat's first favorite mistake
Kat met Bryan when she was fresh out of high school. He was her brother's best friend, and he brought him home to help out with the store. Boy meets girl - they fell in love. She knew it was mutual. She believed it was the real thing, until he broke her heart.

Five Years Later...
Kat was all grown up. She was through with college, currently having ger own business My Favorite Mistake, and currently taking up her masters. She moved on - or at least she thought so until she once again bumped into him in the most unexpected circumstances. Bryan was assigned to be her mentor on a class she needed badly for her to graduate. Oh she tried so hard to fight off the feeling. But as the old saying says: First love never dies. 

It's them against the world.
Kat didn't want to risk her heart again. But being close to Bryan & not being able to touch him was just pure torture. So throwing all caution to the wind, she dove right in to passion. At first, there was some hesitation. She even ran off, but when he pursued her, she finally gave in. Kat thought they were finally going to have their happy ending - but no, the stars won't allow it. With an ethic-related case and a conservative board hanging over Brian's head like an ax ready to strike anytime, not to mention he's Kat's mentor and her need to finish her masters degree is a necessity - can they really have their happy ending? or is happy ending an impossibility for the both of them?

Was she in for another heartbreak?
Kat is finally with Bryan but they don't go out, they don't meet in public, they don't do what a normal couple do. Although she knew the reason behind this, Kat can't help but ask herself if she was in for another heartbreak with Bryan? 

When Bryan revealed why he left her, she was surprised... and hurt. THAT WAS IT? She suffered five years because of it?!

Caught up in us - a favorite, but not a mistake 
It's my cheat book! - those book that's not on the list of to-read for the week. I inserted it in between my reads and I didn't stop reading it until I was through. It was okay. It didn't make me cry or swoon over the top. But again, I am a true s*cker for second chances, I love old couples coming back together for the second time. The ending and fairy god mothers are nice twists as well. I didn't make any mistake in picking it up. It's short, sweet, funny and a light read. 

Review Grade:

Favorite Quotes:
  • “Any girl who says she doesn’t keep a list of best kisses ever is lying. She may not have a pen-and-paper list, but she knows in her head who rocked her world and made her more than weak in the knees.” 
  • “I don’t believe in signs. I believe in words, and action, and doing. And what you’re doing is sitting and waiting and that is one hundred percent unacceptable.” 
  • “Forgive me for lying. Forgive me for breaking your heart.” 
  • “He always cared for her. He always loved her. He’s madly in love with her. She’s his Love, Actually. She’s his Casablanca. She’s the one he’d stop the bus for, the one he’d run through traffic for, the one he’d drive like a crazy man to the airport for and run through the terminal to stop the plane. Her name’s above the title for him. She’s the opening credit and the closing credit. She’s the love of his life.” 

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