16 January 2013

Book Review: The Proposal

Review Grade: 3/5

“It's the love that goes through the hardest trials and survives that's worth having.” 

When I saw the book - I said to myself: FINALLY!!! . The Proposal is the second book of The Proposition. It's something I have been waiting for, after being left hanging on a cliff from the previous novel. Thank God that I didn't have to wait that long.

The old characters are back - along with the new ones.

1) Her sudden emotional, always-crying Emma - it's the hormones
2) Her wanting to kiss another man in front of Aidan's house - it's the hormones 
3) Her confusion on whom to chose between the two wonderful guys who are both at her disposal - oh, its those freaking hormones again

All I have to say is: Poor hormones - they're all to blame. 

I did love Emma on the first book. She was strong, and she decided she won't take sh*t from anyone, especially from Aidan. So, the moment she saw him with another woman - she fled. Oh yes, Aidan cheated on her AFTER she knew that she was pregnant. He couldn't say the words she longed to hear and instead of being honest with her - he chose to go to bed with another woman. Who could blame Emma for being confuse of whether she wanted him back or not? Due to - again, the hormones , there are some things that Emma did in this novel that I didn't really like. When life gets complicated, an intelligent person would get as far away from another complication if he/she can help it, right? Entertaining the idea of another complication to add on this is most probably suicide. 

ON THE OTHER HAND - what if the complication is the exact opposite of the former complication? Wouldn't you be tempted as well? Yay! BIG PROBLEM!

Yet, Emma is still the strong woman we met on the first book. She still holds a pretty sharp and witty tongue despite the emotional roller coaster she's experiencing. 

AIDAN!!! Did you know I just hated you when the first book ended? How could you ruin something so beautiful because it got you scared? You should've talked about it with Emma! or even with you father! But I guess, like me, we didn't knew what REALLY happened to him and Amy. Nevertheless - I think it was a lame excuse for cheating. 

BUT WHAT IF... he's remorseful, on his knees begging for forgiveness? He's doing everything for Emma, to prove to her that he's finally sorry and regretted every single things he did - IF YOU WERE EMMA - would you give him another chance?

Hmmmmm... tough decision? 

Oh yes! Especially when there's PESH.

PESH! He's your dream guy. (The name is Indian because he's Indian but was born in the US)
* He's a doctor (meaning a stable job)
* He's a pilot too!
* He's thoughtful
* He's sweet
* He's not commitment phobe
* He's what EMMA needs at her situation.
* And He doesn't really exist in real life! or he belongs to the rarest of the rare male specie

How can someone from your past, the one who hurt and cheated on you compete with someone close to perfect?

Can Aidan be forgiven? Can they have their happy ending and finally start their family?

If The Proposition left me panting for more - The Proposal ended as it should be. Another novel, in my opinion, is not necessary because the author made sure everything about Aidan and Emma has been resolved. 

Now for those people who wanted to read The Proposition but doesn't like cliffhangers - this is your chance! Emma & Aidan's love story was a bumpy ride and both of them deserve to be given a happy ending - whether it's with each other or with other people. 

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