09 August 2013

Beautiful Whispers by Alice Ayden - Book Tour, Book Review

A Jane of Virginia 1 Romance/Suspense

There's an instant attraction between a girl from one of Virginia's oldest families and a maid's son, but secrets and dangers lurk in places no one expects.

Twenty-one year old Jane begins her day like any other. She lives on a gorgeous Virginia Plantation and carefully avoids any type of responsibility. Everyone assumes she’ll marry her rich, childhood sweetheart until she meets handyman Alexander. There is an instant attraction between the girl from one of Virginia’s oldest families and the son of a maid and gardener.

With Alexander’s encouragement, Jane begins to take on her family’s responsibilities but quickly starts remembering pieces of her forgotten past. Why does she have unexplained scars? Why is she suddenly afraid of everything? And why won’t her family tell her the truth? Alexander swears he won’t push Jane too far too soon, but he only knows half the story. The bigger the house, the more places there are to hide.

I'm not usually a fan of suspense, I hate to feel my heart palpitate, and there is the urge to read the last part of the book to know what in the world is going to happened. Beautiful Whispers, had me on my seat, on my bed, and I was awake the entire night. The urgency of finishing the novel was important - and when I finally did my heart didn't stop from beating so fast, and I have the urge to thump my head into the wall - it ended in a cliffhanger. Argh. How did this happened?! I'm about to get into the good stuffs here!!!!

When two separate world collides, either everything will crumble or the pieces will just fit in the puzzle. The attraction between Jane, a daughter from an old rich in Virginia and Alexander, a maid's son. 

Everyone thought that Jane will marry her rich, childhood sweetheart Byron. But everything changes when Alexander came into the picture. But there are mysteries that are yet to be solved. Jane thought that people around her are keeping secrets from her. Secrets that involves her. And Alexander - she just saw him, and yet why does he feel so familiar? Jane starts to take responsibility in the household, but as she begins to, secrets begins to unravel. Her memories starts coming back, and she wasn't sure if those were just dreams or a part of her past. Where did her scars came from? Who is following her? 

Alexander knew something, her family knew something. But Alexander wouldn't dare to tell her, until she's ready or at least remember something. Her grandmother promised to tell her. But before she could, something happened - I was at the end page. (See?!!!)

Nevertheless, Alice Ayden gave me a novel worth reading for (and it's not even my favorite genre!), she kept me up and awake. I couldn't wait to get my hands of Missing 6 - maybe then I will have all my answers, but as of now, I just have to sit back and wait patiently for its release.


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I wrote my first short story when I was five, but when an assignment in a lit course challenged me to “rewrite” the last chapter of Jane Eyre I was hooked. I dreamt of going to an ivy cloaked university in England or Scotland, but my health issues forced me to rethink that agenda. Working through and with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, food allergies, migraines and the scary health emergencies, I managed to finish both my Bachelor’s degree in English and History and my Master’s in Strategic Intelligence.

As a child, I wanted to be everything from a veterinarian (can’t stand to see any animal hurt) to an actress (too shy) to an astronaut (not good at science) to an Egyptologist (I wilt in extreme heat – or anything over 70 degrees). Writing makes sense to me. My characters pursue all the subjects that interest me and/or terrify me. I started with screenplays and TV scripts, and my first screenplay placed finalist and semi-finalist in several screenwriting competitions. Loving a challenge, I dove further into the writing craft to study dialogue, description, plot, pacing, story (if there was a book on writing I’ve read it).

When I’m not writing, I’m filling up bird feeders, troubleshooting computers, playing games (I’m a freak for logic problems and Tom Clancy video games), reading (anything by Jane Austen, Agatha Christie, Dean Koontz, Anne Rice), watching movies (I personally would like to recommend Joss Whedon be officially named a god). I’ve never met an animal I didn’t love and regularly rescue bugs and spiders. Living in North Carolina and Texas, I became the snake expert and successfully relocated many happy snakes who lived to tell the tale. I’ve lived in California, Arizona, Texas and North Carolina but have felt most at home in Virginia.

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  1. Thank you so much for your post/review and for being part of the tour! I am so glad you liked the book! The sequel, Missing 6, is out now!