14 August 2013

Unteachable by Leah Raeder - Book Tour, Book Review, Giveaway

Release date: August 1st 2013
Publisher: Velvet Pony Press
Purchase: Amazon

I met him at a carnival, of all corny places. The summer I turned eighteen, in that chaos of neon lights and cheap thrills, I met a man so sweet, so beautiful, he seemed to come from another world. We had one night: intense, scary, real. Then I ran, like I always do. Because I didn’t want to be abandoned again.

But I couldn’t run far enough.

I knew him as Evan that night. When I walked into his classroom, he became Mr. Wilke.

My teacher.

I don’t know if what we’re doing is wrong. The law says one thing; my heart says screw the law. I can’t let him lose his job. And I can’t lose him.

In the movies, this would have a happy ending. I grow up. I love, I lose, I learn. And I move on. But this is life, and there’s no script. You make it up as you go along.

And you don’t pray for a happy ending. You pray for it to never end.

Rated 18+  New Adult-Contemporary-Romance

Some things can be morally wrong and against the edict of society. But how can something that makes you happy and content be so wrong?

I don't know how to start this review because after finishing it, I was overwhelmed. I'm usually not a fan of student-teacher relationship. Because I think everything happens in its own place and time, even love. But you cannot stop love, you could not dare teach what or what it can't do. This novel proved that love is truly unteachable. 

I love her voice, I can hear sarcasm all throughout the book, but she was real, genuine, funny and one of a kind. Perhaps, that's why he thought she was older. Maybe it's why he sought after her. To say she was tough is an understatement - because being left by your dad at a young age, having a mother who is rarely lucid and growing up by yourself would take a lot more than tough. But she grew up all by herself, she may not be a modern citizen, or has a lot of friends, but she was living her life everyday like its going to end tomorrow. She hooks up with older men and left them before they could leave her, but she hit jackpot at the carnival. Because this older man turned out to be her teacher!

Mr. Wilke - I wanted to hate him, I SWEAR! He was older, he knew what is happening between them could get them into trouble. There are times when I thought he just wanted to feel young again, or just use her for his needs - but no. I guess he was different. He wanted her, even if its wrong, even if he has to wait, even if he has to quit. 

I wished Maise would have just given her heart to Wesley. He was her only friend, but she didn't trust him with her secret. She trusted no one with her secret. Wesley brought her home, introduced her to his family, be her friend, kissed her - but she (and maybe including her heart) already belongs to someone else. 

Leah Raeder's honesty was brutal and will surely overwhelm your senses. UNTEACHABLE is an honest, realistic, straightforward, no nonsense novel. It is a gripping tale of reality that would slap you right in the face without a care of what you would feel. It was utterly refreshing. And yes, it has sensitive issues, and unlike some who had threaded it carefully, the author was brave enough to bumped into the issues head on. Wow. Leah Raeder, you simply, simply amazed me.


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