23 December 2013

Your Exception by Bria Starr - Blog Tour, Book Review, Giveaway

Author: Bria Starr
Book Title: Your Exception
Genre: New Adult/Romance
Blog Tour Manager: Brandee’s Book Endings
Logan Kalford was Wren Summers’ dream come true.

All I’d ever wanted was to fall in love and be loved in return.

Logan stole my heart when I least expected it. He was sexy, adventurous, and the way he played guitar left me weak in the knees. He made me happy. He made me think I’d found the one. And he made me believe in happy endings.

I knew he was my forever. I thought he knew it too.I was wrong.

He destroyed everything I thought we had and shattered my dreams of us. He left me heartbroken. He made me doubt myself.

And he didn’t even seem to care…

Now I must let go. But how can I when he still consumes me? 

How do you walk away from what you know was real?


I was rooting for the nice boy, she wanted the bad one.


Wren Summer came off from a bad relationship. She just caught her ex-cheating on her with her friend for SIX MONTHS. Ouch. And now, here she is again, falling in love with a guy who possesses gorgeous blue eyes.

All she wanted was to love, and be loved in return – is that even hard? Isn’t she lovable enough?

She thought he was the one. Logan Kalford was everything she had ever dream of – he was hot, talented, great in bed, he makes her happy, he cares for her – or so she think so until he started to blow her off. Just as when she thought she had finally found the one after her heartbreak, she could once again feel her heart breaking.

She thought HE was her forever, but he thought differently. She started to feel insecure about herself, she doubted her worth, and she felt so lost. He cared about her, but not enough to be with her –

I was hoping, hoping, hoping she’d fall for Zachary – she was one of her closest friends. He’s in a band as well, and works for her father. He protects her all the time, and just wants her to be happy. But you can’t really choose whom you fall for…

I wished Wren would open her eyes and see that Logan was really an ASS who didn’t deserve her. He wasn’t ready to venture into a relationship, so why enter and led her on? Why ask her to stay over and cuddle? After lying to her, breaking her heart – YOU SUDDENLY REALIZE YOU LOVE HER?!

Finally, an epiphany!

It may have took a while, and a POV from Logan before I stopped hating him, and understood where he was coming from, and all those jerk moves he’s been doing. I must admit, it came a little late, I was ready to box off his ears, and to tell him to just leave her alone. BUT in the end, he got himself a redemption for every single sin he made. And yes, you won’t close the book without finally falling in love with him…

Take a roller coaster ride on the surprising twists and turns, and fall in love unexpectedly. For a debut novel, I must say Bria Starr did an amazing job and I look forward for her next books! J


Bria Starr grew up in a small town in Minnesota and continues to live there with her husband and beautiful baby girl. She’s a stay at home mom who is very close with her family, loves junk food, and is always cold. Her favorite things include reading books, writing, listening to music, and watching too many movies.

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