17 December 2013

Just a Holiday Fling by Tiffany Marie - Book Tour, Book Review, Giveaway

She wants a fling. He wants forever.

Samantha isn’t feeling very festive as she heads back to her childhood hometown for Christmas—but being alone, homeless, and verging on jobless can do that to a woman. She has no interest in participating in the town Christmas celebrations and would rather just crawl into bed until the holidays are over. Determined to get back into the Christmas spirit, Sam plans on seducing her childhood best friend—and fantasy guy—Jack. A holiday fling will be just the thing to kick her Scrooge-like attitude.

Jack’s been in love with Samantha for years, but he didn’t make his move before someone else did. Now she’s finally single again, and Jack’s not going to waste any time. He has a little over a week to convince Samantha they belong together, and that moving back to their childhood town to be with him is the right thing to do. As he woos her with carriage rides and homemade desserts, he learns Sam has been offered a new job half-way across the country, and he fears he’s about to lose her all over again.

Our Grinch wanted a holiday fling, but he wants to be with her forever.

A Pussy?


How can you resist a man who is not afraid of commitment? He had been in love with Samantha for a whole lot of years, but did not make a move until someone else got to her first. Now, she’s once again single. She had broken up with her fiancé, she’s back in town – and he’d do everything to show her how much he cares and it might just make her stay in their little town. He has just a week to convince Sam that they were destined for each other: so he woos her: he dined her, dated her, and kissed her until he found out that she accepted the job half-way across the country. He might just lose her again.

Samantha is the next Grinch. How can she feel the Christmas spirit when her fiancé left her after cheating on her for a very long time, she doesn’t have her condo anymore and she’s about to lose her job – what’s to celebrate? She didn’t want to join the town’s festivities and would just love to stay at home and find comfort in her bed. But seeing her old childhood friend Jack, who was way hotter than she had last seen him, made her rethink her decision. She plans on seducing him, engage on some holiday fling with her childhood fantasy and perhaps it will help her get back her Christmas spirit.

I enjoyed reading this short-holiday novella. Jack is a sweetheart, unlike other man, he had waited for Samantha for so long, and is now grabbing his chance to finally make her his – forever, that is. He didn’t let her sulk, instead urge her to go out with him and enjoy the town activities. Soon, Sam was enjoying herself and her cheating fiancé and all other worries were put aside. They were meant to be together, they were good friends, and even their families are friends. Samantha was too blind to see it, and had almost lost it if she hasn’t woken up from her trance and finally realize that this guy loves her and wanted to be with her.

I always find it a little bit weird, but at the same time totally adorable for a guy to show some emotions, be the one to WANT commitment, and chase the girl who doesn’t. Couple it with the Christmas season, some meddling folks, intense Christmas competition, and some steamy romance – it’s one perfect holiday read.

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Tiffany Marie grew up in Michigan and currently lives in northern Indiana with her wonderfully supportive husband, rambunctious young son, and two rescued pets. She has worked in an elementary school, a bookstore, and a winery, and now she stays home with her son and writes whenever she has a few minutes to spare. She spends her free time reading too many romance novels, drinking too much Diet Pepsi, and taking too many naps.

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