08 December 2013

Fourth Down by Kirsten DeMuzio - Book Review

During the biggest football game of his life, Ford Walsh makes a split second decision that will change his life. For the worse. Three years later, Ford is still stuck in that moment - when his leg was broken and his dreams along with it. Not able to move on, Ford trudges through his life, each day more depressing than the last.

Poppy Mitchell has dreams of being a doctor, and she will work night and day to get there. Sweet, focused, and hard working, Poppy forges ahead when obstacles get in her way. When circumstances bring them together, Ford and Poppy develop an unlikely friendship. As they grow closer, Ford is faced with another fourth down decision. Will he go after his old dreams when given the chance? Will Poppy sacrifice her dreams for his? Or will she let him go?

**This book is recommended for a mature audience, age 18 and older, due to language and explicit content.

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I came to know this grumpy, ex-football player when I came across Grady’s story. Ford was the sexy bartender in the bar. He’s one of Grady’s best friends. He was supposed to be in the NFL, but on his junior year in college, in one of the biggest game of his life, he suffered from a career-ending injury. There goes his dream of becoming a pro and giving his mother the best possible cancer-treatment. He had no other choice, but to drop out of school and go back to his hometown. Three years later, he’s hasn’t really moved on yet. He’s working as a bar tender, and his mother is almost dying of cancer. His life made a total downfall and depression is easily creeping into him.  

Poppy Mitchell has experienced loss at a young age and knows how to deal with it. She’s very nice to a point of push over (although she really denies this). She wants to become a doctor, and although her dreams of going to an Ivy school didn’t materialize due to financial constraint, it didn’t stop her from pursuing her dreams. She’s very hardworking and focused.

They have first met in the bar, where Poppy’s ‘landlord’ insisted that she should be served with alcohol even though she didn’t have an ID. Quite an embarrassing experience, Poppy opted to go home rather than push their luck. When fate throws them together once again, unlike the first time, they seemed to settle well together after the initial impression. They had become friends and grow closer to each other. Despite being employed as her mother’s healthworker, Poppy became not just a friend, but a part of their family. And even though he won’t admit it, she grew on him. She took care of his mother just like she was her own.

Just as when everything seems to be perfect – he and Poppy were okay, his relationship with his friends were renewed, and he was finally starting to accept his mother’s fate – everything went spiraling down again when a tragedy happened. Now, he is once again faced with a life-altering decision: follow his dreams or stay with the girl who has his heart. Will Poppy sacrifice everything she had dreamed of for him or will she let him go?

FORD – is indeed a sight to behold. I love him. He’s a broken soul who has held on to his broken dreams for a very long time. His life had stopped, and everyone tiptoed around him. It may have taken a while, but when he realized his short coming, he had made up for it. My heart broke when he suffered another misfortune, he was just starting to accept, but it still came as a surprise. Poppy, on the other hand, I admire so much - her perspective in life, her positivity, and her determination of following her dreams. It may have cost her something so big she can never take it back, but she was intelligent enough to let love go, allow the separation to foster growth and finally when it was ready, both of them were ready enough for their HEA.

Just like JUST ONE REASON, I fell in love with this book. I love the characters and seeing familiar ones in this book. It’s a story about dreams – one broken, and one is just starting to unfold. It’s a love story about two people who are brought together by fate, by tragedy and love. Fourth Down proves that dreams, no matter how long you have hold on to it, can indeed change. 

★ARC Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.★


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