14 December 2013

Windows by Emily Minton - Book Tour, Book Review

Title- Windows
Series- Coming Home # 1
By- Emily Minton
Genre- Contemporary Romance
Publication Date- September 25th, 2013

Lucas Beck crawled through Melinda James’ window every night. Each time, gaining a piece of her heart and leaving a bit of his behind.

Lucas was in love with the girl next door, but he ruined any chance he had of making her his. So, he moved on without her.

Lindy gave her heart to the boy next door, but he left her humiliated and heartbroken. So, she started a new life without him.

They both head off to college, leaving the other behind. Lucas finds success then misery on the Football field. Lindy finds new love, but it never feels quite right.

Years later, Lucas and Lindy find themselves back in their hometown. Will Lindy open her window again and give Lucas another chance?

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They were friends since they were in high school, but unlike the usual type of friendship – Lucas Beck was close to the chubby, nerdy Melinda James at home as he crawled through the window at night, but at school, they were almost strangers.

Due to social hierarchy at school, Lucas would commit social suicide if he ever decided to be friends with her in public. Nevertheless, he had been in love with her since then.

One night, changed it all. It was supposed to be special for Melinda, but Lucas broke her heart, humiliated her beyond repair and has ruined any chance he might have with her. She left town immediately, and so did he.

They went off to college started their lives without each other and have tried to moved on. Lucas lost his dream in becoming a pro player when he suffered an injury. Instead of continuing in the university, he decided to go home and be a mechanic. Not just an ordinary mechanic though, he become one of the few who specializes in the customization of big bikes.

Years later, Lindy was back in her hometown. She graduated, and is ready to start working as a new teacher in their elementary school. She’s way different from the old Lindy they used to bully. Deep inside, though, she was still the same. She might have found love in college, but her feelings were never as intense as they were with Lucas. Seeing him years after just brought those old emotions back.

LUCAS in high school –

Lindy was kind enough to consider him as a friend after he allowed his friends to bully her. He might not join them, but he stood there watching them torment her. I hated him then. Years later, he grew up – and became an ALPHA MALE: sexy, possessive, and he knows exactly what he wants and is not afraid to act on it. He didn’t stop until he got Lindy, and he didn’t stop protecting her until they caught the assailant that has been breaking houses.

Lindy is a kind, smart and beautiful girl who had been a lot in her younger years because of her size. Growing up, she decided to shed off some of her weight and became more confident with herself. I like her goodness; she’s the heart of the story. She’s braver, fiercer and stronger. Only one person can make her knees buckle – and it’s Lucas. One look, and she’d done for.

I can’t stop myself from finishing this in one sitting because Windows is a love story coupled with some thrilling suspense and mystery – it’s the complete package. I might have sense what was happening or who was behind it, but there were still some surprises that the author had caught me off guard. I enjoyed reading this book, and would gladly recommend it to friends.

★ARC Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.★


"What’re you doing?"

"I was going to turn the TV to something you like."

"No need."

I give him a smile. "I know you don’t like my vampire shows. We can watch something else."

He places a soft kiss on my lips. "Do you like this shit?"

I nod my head yes.

"Then I’ll watch it with you. Who knows, it may not suck. If it does, I will still earn a blowjob for watching it."

I can feel my eyes get big. "You think you earn a blow job for watching my TV shows?"

He nods. "Hell, yeah! We’ve got a give and take kind of thing going on. I give by watching your show. Then later you take my dick in your mouth."

"What about when I watch NASCAR with you? Will you, you know?" I say with a giggle.

"Baby, you ain’t got to do shit for me to eat that pussy. Anytime you want my mouth between your legs, all you gotta do is spread ’em," he says with a panty-dropping lascivious smirk.
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