03 December 2013

Kissing Under the Mistletoe - Book Blitz, Book Review, Giveaway

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Intended for Mature Audiences 18+ 

Gabe has been brought up with Bree, since he was nine years old when his parents died. Now he's twenty six and been in love with Bree for the past seven years. She's coming home for the holidays and has him so tied in knots he can't think straight. 

Bree avoided going home for the holidays last year because she didn't think she'd be able to handle being around Gabe, the man she's in love with, who she thinks she can never be with. Or can she? 

To begin with both Gabe and Bree sneak around together and eventually Bree's mother finds out and accepts them as a couple, but announcing it to her father causes heartache with the bombshell he drops. 

Join Gabe and Bree in a Christmas story where love conquers all.... and were Bree discovers Gabe knows just how to use a red ribbon..... 

This is a completely rewritten story to previously published 'Under the Mistletoe.'

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Bree and Gabe had been brought up in the same house, by the same parents. But no, they were not siblings. Ever since Gabe’s parents died when he was nine, Bree’s parents took him. For years, he had been hopelessly in love with her – and now, she’s coming home.

Bree didn’t want to go home for the holidays – because she didn’t know what to do with her feelings with Gabe. He was the person she could never be with. Her parents, her siblings and perhaps the people around her would freak out.

The both of them threaded carefully around each other, no one wants to cross the line. Until they could no longer stand the other one with someone else, and their emotions were just too powerful to contain. When the both of them decided to act on it – it was just perfect. The feelings were mutual, they were both crazy about each other. And I was wondering – what will happen? How strong will the intensity of the earthquake that will shake their relationship? I was waiting for something to happen, something bad – because nothing perfect could last THAT long.

It can’t be the mom – because I knew she was secretly matchmaking, her siblings were happy for them. But when they finally announced it to the family, to her dad specifically, the bomb I was waiting for, exploded. Ouch. Where did that came from? Oh yes, despite the fact I waited for it, anticipated it – I didn’t see this one coming…

Nevertheless, Kissing Under The Mistletoe is sweet, steamy and thrilling with all their sneaking here and there. It’s a perfect read this Christmas season – it’s something to warm you up in this cold weather. If you want to fall in love this Christmas, you might want to give this one a try.  

★ARC Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.★


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