28 December 2013

Tragic Love by M.S. Brannon - Blog Tour, Book Review, Giveaway

“From the moment I locked eyes with hers, we've had this undeniable connection that was and will always be wicked. A love that would literally kill me if it didn't survive, but lately, could kill me if it did.” ~Drake Evans.

For Drake and Presley, life has handed them more challenges than any one person should ever face in a lifetime. Together, they've survived Presley’s captivity from her deranged uncle, but now they must learn how to live with the events that surrounded her time spent with him, while keeping the details of her rescue a secret.

For Presley Quinn, living the last two years has been practically unbearable, constantly drowning in nightmares put there by a man responsible for the violent imagines continually playing in her mind. She keeps moving forward, but is barely clinging onto the edge when she’s faced with another obstacle from her past that is so unavoidable, so tragic, it threatens to break her apart—herself.

Drake will do anything to protect Presley from ever feeling pain again. His love is irrefutable. He walks side by side with her, vowing he will never let anyone harm her again. However, when an unexpected event turns Presley against everyone she’s ever loved, Drake is faced with trying to save the only woman he’s ever loved or severing the only lifeline she’s ever had—himself.

**Mature Content Warning** 17 years and older for language and sexual content.**

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Scarred Love (Sulfur Heights #1) - 4 Stars

After the tragedy – Reggie and Darcie are about to get their HEA. Will Drake and Presley get theirs?

Drake may have been a womanizer, but one look at Presley and he was mesmerized. The connection and the attraction were undeniable. Theirs was a love so strong both of them thought it could conquer anything.

For a young age, both of them have been through hell and back. It was too much to handle, but both of them had survived. There were scars, most of them have already healed but would always leave a mark. As for Presley, most of her scars were still bleeding. It has been two years but nightmares would still come to haunt her at night. Her uncle’s face would show up, taunting her as if he were still alive. She tries to move on, taking baby steps – one step at a time. Good thing she has Drake who would move heaven and earth for him…

Her past has always dark, and tragic, and when it comes back stronger than ever, even Drake would have to rearrange the planets to make her feel okay. His love may be true and unconditional and he’s willing to walk through fire for her, protecting her with everything that he has – but the unexpected trial in their relationship MAY bring an end to their relationship. It was so grave that even Drake didn’t see it coming.

At first, I was like…

Somewhere in the middle…

In the near end…


Breathe in...

How did it come to THAT?! They were okay. Drake and Presley were doing just fine. Then suddenly it all went rock bottom.

Of all the possible problems, of all the possible conflicts I can ever guess before I started reading this story, the plot hadn’t really crossed my mind…I can’t believe it would come to this… I can’t believe I could end up loathing Presley. I hated her as the pages goes b. It was a struggle to continue – my mind was so confused, my heart was badly aching. It went on and on, and on – until one tragedy happened after the other. I wonder how in the world did it turn out to be this bad?

It took one single problem to have their strong relationship almost crumbling down into pieces, and it took a whole lot of hard work, trust, and honesty to build it back again. They (most especially Presley) might have done some unthinkable things, and may have made some unwise decisions, but in the end she had redeemed herself when she finally wanted the change and asked for help. Just when everything seems to be in place, another tragedy struck. A kind of tragedy I didn’t see coming despite the title of the book. Something that broke my heart in the process. Argh…

Thank goodness for their friends and family who have been more than just a support system to the both of them. Delilah, her best friend appeared in the story. She and Jake started out to be frenemies, but ended up to be close even when she returned to Memphis. I like the both of them, because when things get heavy, and they appear in the story – both of them tends to make me smile. I just  wonder if she will give Jake a chance…

The ending had me in shock. I couldn’t move. I have re-read it several times just to make sure. But it was how it ended. WOW. Unbelievable. Shocking. Different. OUCH. Surprise was an understatement. Nevertheless, I would still prefer this ending than the alternate one which is also found at the end of the book. This just showed how strong Drake is, despite all the trials and tribulations fate has thrown at him. He might get broken, he might be hurting – but he can surpass it all, not just because of his love for Presley but for another person who greatly reminds him that despite all the loss he had, he is still loved and needed.

Tragic Love emotional, tragic, surprising and different. M.S. Brannon might have left me in awe of Scarred Love, but this one, she had left me speechless. I can’t say I enjoyed reading it – because my heart was constantly in pain, nevertheless, it was worth my time. It had given me the unexpected. I greatly look forward for Jake’s or Jeremy’s story.

M.S. Brannon was born and raised in the Midwest. She still resides there today with her wonderful husband and son. When she is not writing or reading, M.S. Brannon spends time with her family, watching movies, and discovering new music. She writes romance because she believes love and heartache is the rawest emotion one can experience.
Email: MBrannon16@gmail.com

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