08 August 2013

Black Fire by Elle Moon - Book Tour, Book Review, Giveaway

Release Date: May 29, 2013
Genre: Sci Fi Fantasy Romance
Tour Host: Life with Lesley

Sometimes the dreams never stop, no matter what unimaginable hero waits by your side- no matter how beautiful your life has become. All Haley Webb ever wanted was a chance- a chance to live, a chance to die, a chance to love. Now her life has become so full of chances that she is blinded to anything else.

With a heart made broken, Haley has learned that the web she weaves can not be unraveled no matter who it snares. As the voice of her Nana grows silent and the beat of her heart sings stronger, all will wait to see her heaven. Where do you run when the devil comes back? How do you hide from the demons in your choice? As the smell of crimson and cinders suffocate her mind, how does she choose to stand by a love that’s meant to blacken her soul? Sometimes death is the only beginning. For Haley Dawn Webb, hell has come back to her little town of Hanging Rock and it brings a new face with it. Not every heaven is a choice. Not all choices are what they seem. Some fires, burn black.

One thing is for sure - this one is long. I was afraid I'm not going to finish it in time for the review. Black Fire is one hell of a ride, only to end up in a cliff. But nevertheless, you have to read it! Because despite the ending, and of course, the long journey - this one is one heck of a read (considering I mostly read NA/YA).

Haley can be annoying at times because she does what she does best - trying to do what she wants without thinking of the repercussions. Despite the fact, you will, love her. She's pretty amazing in her own way. Brave, sometimes a little bit reckless, but she's nice. Abram - mysterious Abram is just someone you could fall in love with, especially when he has the patient to put up with Haley :)Yay. 

The story was well written and pretty detailed, you can picture out the scene vividly, the characters and even feel the emotions. So, just be patient in reading, before you knew it you'd be on the last page and you'd scream for more :)


When I shut the water off and stepped out to stare at myself in the fogged mirror, I raked my shaking hand over the oval glass, then stared back at my reflection. My hair was wild and dripping, my eyes dark and swollen. I was unrecognizable with wild terror. I had done this! My pitiful existence ruined everything!

I pushed my hand against the mirror, fighting all of hell to bust it into tiny pieces. How I hated to see what I was in that moment. How I hated to know what I would cause.

“Ripe,” I repeated over and over as my mind replayed what I saw.

I shut my eyes, as the reflection burned umber in my mind. I saw me, looking at Gadreel in the backwoods of Abram’s yard, I saw him looking back at me. I remembered what he wanted to show me as all the while I tried to push it down.

He was standing tall and victorious underneath that oak tree. He was beautifully insane and wildly attractive. I covered my eyes as I tried to stop my mind from seeing it replay.

His long white hands reaching up, pulling and stretching, stretching and pulling it down. Down, down, down- over his perfect and timeless face, he pulled another face. I had seen it clearly. He wore the mask of a boy…He wore the skin of my brother.


“Because even the damned hope.” -Abram Wells

“Eat the lies or spit them out. Your choice.” -Sophia Justina

“Even a lying heart can be eaten.” -Lorabelle “Gran-Nana” Webb

“It’s not about falling in love with a monster. It’s about falling in love…” -Lillian Wells

“True love washes away all, even time.” -Lilly Wells

“You gotta’ go through the hell of it first.” -Jakie Webb

“The things in our lives that die and can’t be laid to rest hurt the most.” -Haley Webb

“Whatever I have to do, I’ll change it for you.” -Sawyer Colt

“I have found you. I have found my reason, my hope- my humanity.” -Abram Wells

Elle Moon is a country girl who calls West Virginia her second home because the blank pages of a new novel always remains her first. She is a wife to a non-reading but adorably supportive husband, a blessed mommy to an amazing son who knows already how to tell a good plot line, and an author who knows that the words of a good book can't be forgotten. Her debut novel, “The Death Drum”, released October 30, 2012 is the introduction to the Fifth Chamber Series. A reflection of a little imagination and the will of a Grandmother's love, “Lorabelle's Fireflies” is a teaser novella, while “Black Fire” becomes the second lead in the series with a full on addiction by its twists and insights. Both were released in 2013. “The Dancing Bones”, the last of the Fifth Chamber Series will debut sometime before 2014. An awkward dancer, a poetic arguer, and a lover of all things sweet- Elle Moon is a writer that believes everyone has the heart of a story. She's just willing to share.

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