15 November 2015

Book Review | To Dare A Seal by Sara Jane Stone (@sarajanestone)


A sexy category romance from Entangled's Brazen imprint...

One dare will bring him to his knees . . .

Playing best man in his teammate's Las Vegas wedding is not U.S. Navy SEAL Jack Barnes' idea of a vacation-especially when the maid-of-honor is the one woman who knows how to push his buttons. Now his teammates are taking bets on whether he'll end up in the fiery bartender's bed. Not one to turn away from a challenge, Jack vows to seduce Natalie Lewis. And he'll do so on his terms-demanding complete control.

The tantalizing SEAL may have a hand-over-your-panties smile and a body she'd love to explore, but there's no way Natalie's falling into his bed. No, she's going to get revenge. After bringing Jack to his knees with a series of Sin City dares, she'll walk away. It's the perfect plan-until it backfires. Beneath his devil-may-care attitude, Jack's unbridled desire proves irresistible. But he also requires the one thing Natalie can't give. Control.

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To Tempt A Seal (#1: Lucia & Cade)

Be ready for another sexy SEAL to steal our hearts. Jack Barnes will be the best man in his teammate’s Las Vegas wedding. He can have any woman that he can laid his eyes on, but he only wanted the one who wouldn’t give him the time of the day: the maid-of-honor. Now his teammates are on his back, taking bets whether he finally lands himself Natalie. He was not the type of person to turn his back on a challenge – he’ll have her soon.

There is no way Natalie is falling for this panty-melting hunky SEAL. She’d loved to have him on his bed, but it would be on his terms. So she sets out a series on Sin City Dares, and then plans to walk away, until it backfires on her. She didn’t realize that she didn’t have the power to resist his charms, more so the desire that brewing between the two of them.

He wants more than just one night with her, one thing she couldn’t give her.  But each time they spent more time together, the walls she built around her hearts starts crumbling down, and the chemistry starts to be too powerful to ignore. But there’s this bet, the wedding, and the undeniable fireworks when they were together.

Both have issues from their past that made them wary from risking their hearts. Would they ever take that leap?

Jack is easily likable, as for Natalie – these girls has seriously a lot of issue. She can be strong, yet vulnerable. I like the fact that Jack knows how to push her buttons and brings out another side of her that would appeal to the readers.

I like their mini bantering, the steamy scenes and the chase. I was wondering when all the walls would crumble and she’d finally succumb to the attraction between the two of them. It was a sweet, short and steamy read that would make you look forward for the next one.

Characters - 3.5
Plot - 3.5
Steam - 4
Cover - 4.5
Romance - 3.5
Pacing - 4
Overall: 3.8

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