24 November 2015

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“I could see it in his eyes—he wanted to be the prince who rode up on his horse and saved the day. But I was no princess, and my Prince Charming had come and gone. I couldn’t survive losing another to dragon’s fire. Or to my own poisonous touch.”

Reeling from a traumatic and heart-shattering loss, Scarlett Rossi escapes back to her hometown, a place that never changes, though nothing about her is the same. The new Scar is fierce. Untouchable. Resolved to bury the twisted nightmares of that horrible night… the night when everything was stolen from her… the night that divided her life into two: before him, and after.

When do-gooder Vance Holloway makes it his personal mission to cheer up the new girl at work, he has no idea what he’s getting himself into. Scarlett’s tough shell doesn’t fool him. He knows deep down, that sweet, innocent smile still exists, and he’ll stop at nothing to prove it. Patience, persistence, and a little ice cream pay off. Slowly they become friends. Then best friends. Then more. Only one problem: he was never supposed to fall in love.

So begins an explosive tryst of pull and resistance, between one worthy white knight, and the damsel who doesn’t want to be saved. Scarlett won’t survive another heartbreak, but can their friendship survive a compromise?

If Vance is so determined to break down these walls, he’ll have to learn—just as she did—that when it comes to things like trust and love, there are always consequences.

Because the last man that she loved swore to protect her, then paid with his life. And took with him a piece of her soul.

Now Scarlett must decide if true strength means guarding her heart, or surrendering to it once more. One final secret remains: what really happened the night she swore she’d never love another man, and whose hands are stained with his blood?

A powerful journey of romance, mystery, and redemption. This is a standalone and full-length novel.

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"I can't change the stars for you; all I can do is love you. And I think that will be enough. You don't have to be alone anymore. You just need to let me in."

It took me to a very, very long journey with enough rollercoaster to last me a lifetime. But it was one amazing ride. WOW. That’s all I could say after finishing this book. I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t move. One thing for sure, I felt a great relief, it was like lifting several pounds of weight from my back.

"People aren’t perfect, Rosie. We make bad choices. We mess up. You don’t give up one someone just because there’s a little bad mixed in with the good. Friends are supposed to love each other, flaws and all."

I can’t say I finished this in one sitting, oh no. Because the first thing I noticed about this book is that it would be a very, very long read. I was wondering if it would drag, if it would bore me. If it would somehow make me give up reading it for a while, but no. If not for work and the need to sleep and eat, I would have finished this sooner. This is one book, no matter how long, you wouldn’t dare give up on. You see the growth of the characters, of relationships, and the death of some. You pin for the characters, wishing them ill, wishing them well, wishing for their heads to get out of their a**. You’d want to argue with them, to plead, to beg, to reconsider. You’d want to feel that ounce of hope amidst the desperation and hopelessness. You’d want to give up after several tries, but can’t, because you just have to give this one more try. 

"I’m not the one who insisted this had to be all or nothing. I want you, all of you, but if you can’t handle that right now, I’m willing to compromise. That’s what relationship are all about."

I had a love-hate relationship with this book, but in the end, I decided to love this one. Because how can you not love the book that made you feel so much emotion, and gives you a reprieve in the end. It wasn’t an easy read, it didn’t make me cry. It was heavy that it took some time before my heart settled in the usual rhythm. This is a story about love, friendship, relationship, of betrayal, hope and second chances. Of believing in the power of love, and that somehow love can surpass everything and anything, that it can heal, it can endure and make everything a whole lot brighter. Of faith and redemption.

“I’m not giving up. I want all the black, the broken shreds of your heart, all your dreams, every scowl, every laugh, every touch, every tear, every breath. I want every last piece that you have left. And it will be enough. You are enough for me.”

There was a lot of anguish, a lot of frustration, a whole lot of feels in between the storyline, and it felt that it would last a lifetime before I can feel normal again. You’ll hate some characters enough to want them out of the book, and there are some that you will come to love from start to the end. And then there were some you’d love to hate, but can’t. Because they need more love from you rather than the hate you were so willing to give them.

"Eventually when you stop trying so hard to fight it, you’ll feel it too."

There are lots of things that you wouldn’t expect and a lot of things that would caught you off guard. This was one amazing book, and I urge you to read it. It may have some slow moments, but please don’t ever give up on reading because it gets better, it gets surprising, it gets amazing as you turn the pages. 

"I love you because you loved me at my weakest, ugliest and most unlovable moments."

RATING: 5 Stars

By day just call her Pepper Potts: pencil skirt rockin’ executive assistant to a top leader at a Fortune 100 company. By night she goes by Riley Jean: writer, reader, dreamer. Riley is blessed with a husband who makes her laugh every single day. She enjoys early evening walks with their pooch, Delilah, and finds beauty in music and books. Inspired by her own love story, she holds her debut novel, “Use Somebody,” very close to her heart.

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