16 November 2015

Book Review | The Bright Effect by Autumn Doughton & Erica Cope (@EricaCope3 )


“Maybe promises are supposed to hurt a little.”

Amelia Bright has lots of plans for the future, and none of them involve falling for a guy like Sebastian Holbrook. With a questionable reputation and an attitude to match, he’s exactly the kind of guy Amelia promised herself she’d avoid. But after an encounter that leaves her charged and breathless, she can’t stop wondering about him and the secrets he keeps hidden behind that tough exterior.

Sebastian knows first-hand that every single choice has a consequence and how a fragile promise can shape a life. Now that his mother is gone and he’s raising his little brother on his own, he’s all but given up on a future for himself. Struggling to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads, Sebastian doesn’t have time for games or girls. So why can’t he shake thoughts of beautiful, smart Amelia Bright from his mind?

Equally devastating and heartfelt, Amelia and Sebastian’s story of a rare and unexpected connection is one that will stay with you long after the last page is read. Full of wit and tenderness, The Bright Effect is an unforgettable journey of expectations, regrets and discovering just how far love can carry us in the face of heartbreak.

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I just think that for some people, the story is never over.

Amelia Bright is your usual over-achiever kind of girl. She has a lot of plans in the future, and has a lot on her plate in the present. Sebastian Holbrook isn’t one of them. He was the type of guy she was better off without, especially with the reputation and attitude that is attached to his name. But thanks to his brother, Carter, their world is about to meet.

Sebastian Holbrook goes into my book-boyfriend list not just because of so many reasons that includes Amelia, but the fact that he was trying to raise his little brother on his own. And juggling work, school and making sure his brother has everything he needed was not an easy task especially when you’re in your senior year. He didn’t have the time for falling in love, especially not with the unreachable Amelia Bright.

Loving her is strange and  confusing and damn risky.

Them being together is inevitable, they have a lot on their plates, and they were not from the same side of the track but they were just so good together, my heart just melted. Sebastian needed someone to love him with everything that has been going through in his life, and Amelia is such a loving and supportive person. They were just so great together, you wouldn’t see that piece of heartbreak coming along.

Because that scenario caught me off-guard, it stole and broke lives and it broke hearts. It was devastating to watch because it seems that everything fell on Sebastian’s shoulder altogether. How he managed: thank you so much to his awesome friend Seth who never left his side. I didn’t think he’d manage without him at this point in his life. There were a whole lot of temptations on making his life easier, and at times I thought he’d give into it. Thank goodness he didn’t!!!! The lowest point in his life made his friendship tight, and him a little stronger.

As for Amelia, if it was hard for Bash (Sebastian, I like calling him by his whole name too!), it was totally overwhelming sense of dread and loss for Amelia. Sebastian tried so hard in supporting her, being with her and just loving her, but some things are just inevitable.

I thought their love wasn’t strong enough to surpass this, but I was once again proven wrong. Because just when I thought everything was falling apart, a spark of hope came along, the hurt stilled. Everything was ALMOST coming back into places, it warmed my heart. Everything was going to be okay: for Amelia, for Sebastian, for everyone.

We have a great set of main characters, and an even greater set of secondary characters, who were just as important. I didn’t think Sebastian and Amelia would surpass everything that happened to them without their support system: Audra, and Seth. They had their own moments and it was never dull.

Gotta say that these two women (Autumn Doughton and Erica Cope) collaborate, they surely bring out the best in each other. Because for the second time around, they give us something that was truly worth the wait: a book filled with so much heart and emotions, I just couldn’t put it down. There was so much love, so much heartache and yet so much hope that it fills your soul right to the very core, and even the ending (which I didn’t really expect) brings out a promise of a next bright chapter for our characters, without making it a cliffy (thank you so much). So indeed, I concluded (perhaps with numerous people), that The Bright Effect by Autumn Doughton and Erica Cope is another must-read and must-not-miss kind of book.

Whatever piece of forever we get, I’m not going to let it go without a fight.

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