10 March 2015

ARC Review | Sins of a Duke by Stacy Reid


All of the young ladies whispered about the Duke of Mondvale in hushed tones, their eyes following his tall, dark figure with barely disguised lust. For the newly-ostracized Lady Constance Thornton, he is magnetic and altogether desirable. Irresistibly so. Since her reputation is already ruined in London society, why shouldn't she be impudent and dance with the scandalous “Lord of Sin”?

Little does she know of his plans.

The beautiful and innocent Lady Constance is no mere plaything for Lucan Wynwood. She will be his revenge. By ruining her, he will have his vengeance against her brother. Except that the Lady Constance is full of surprises...and now she could well be the ruin of him.

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A story of love, loss, lies, deceit and betrayal.

After what Constance had been through these months – the friendship she lost, the cuts from the ton, and not to mention the humiliation she suffered after the truth about her birth came out. Her reputation was shred into pieces, there was nothing to salvage it. So why worry now?

She was drawn to him. He was the first one who didn’t care about what the ton thought of her. He spends time with her, woo her, and brings out her inner passion. What she didn’t know are his plans – to hurt her, to ruin her.

However, the more Lucan Wynwood knew of her, the more he wanted to abandon his plan of revenge. She was a big surprise to him. She was everything he didn’t expect. But would he be able to make a room in his dark heart for this lady?

It was like watching her fall into a trap. It was slow, deliberate, it was slowly breaking my heart too and Constance had no idea. She thought she finally had met her prince charming in the person of the Duke of Mondvale, Lucan. It was painful to watch her hope for the best. But this made me like her most – her positive outlook in life, her determination and her courage to speak her mind. Her brothers and their wives were pretty amazing too.

As for Lucan, what he did was somehow unforgivable, but you need to hear his side first before you judge. He had loved, and he had lost. All he wanted was to avenge the pain that had caused his loss. But this amazing man has a conscience too. Despite the fact that yes, he had plans, he did not have the heart to consummate it.

Get your hearts ready – because you are in for a journey of love, loss, lies, deceit and betrayal. Love will always be more powerful than any emotions in the world. When you thought you had no place in your heart for it, love will find a way to insert itself.

My first Stacy Reid novel and I must say – I can’t wait to read the rest of her work!

Purchase Links:
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