08 March 2014

Head Above Water by Amber Garza - Book Review

Sometimes all you need is someone to hold you up.

Harper Elliott knows what it feels like to drown. To be unable to breath, to feel the crushing weight of your lungs collapsing while waves crash over your head and the surface is just out of reach. The ocean has stolen way too much from her and her family. Even though she lives just miles from the beach she rarely ever steps foot on it, and never goes in the water.

Until she meets Tag Williams, the sexy lifeguard with the funny name, kind smile, genuine eyes and smoking hot body. He makes Harper want to do more than just stick her toes in to test the waters. He makes her want to jump in with both feet.

But if she does, can she trust Tag to keep her head above water?
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A boy who loves the water, and a girl who fears it – would they have a future?

Harper was afraid of the beach, the ocean, or any other body of water. She knew what it felt like to drown, experienced it, lost someone to the waves, and there is no way she is going back there. So despite the fact that she lives near the ocean – she rarely go to the beach, and if she does, she doesn’t step foot on the water.

There’s Tag Williams – the hot lifeguard who saved her life after her near-drowning experience during Kate’s birthday. I love his name. He’s your typical knight-in-shining armor, only that he wasn’t wearing one, instead he’s bare-chested and hot and funny – ah, a guy after my own heart. Who can resist him?! But there is more to him than a pretty face and a sexy body, his home life was never really perfect, and he had a past he wasn’t really proud of, and now he’s coming after him, and Harper as well.

Kate – I adore her. She’s simply a great best friend. She was always there when she was needed the most, she speaks her mind most of the time, but she never judged her fears.

Her fear of the water was debilitating, that she goes into panic attack once she’s on it. This is why I love how Tag taught her how to swim. It was the perfect desensitization ever. He didn’t force her to float on her first day, instead they took baby steps and dragged on the lesson until she was read to swim on her own. I applaud his patience and determination to teach her. She gave him his trust, and he took care of her implicitly.

It’s a story of two broken people who had suffered the same loss, and experiencing the same after-effect of guilt at home. I feel sad for the both of them, but count them lucky to have found each other. It was like fate – they were truly meant to be. Despite all their past, the threats, and overwhelming grief of the present and uncertainty of the future, I just know, and I believed that they will have their HEA, and they did.  

You will love the characters, hate some, and wish their happiness desperately because they deserve it. There are a lot of sad people in this novel, and I should feel depress after reading it, but no. In fact I was relieved, and I felt light by the end of the novel. Amber Garza made sure the ending will be worth it.

It’s a story of love, trust and letting go, and I enjoyed every page of it.

★ARC Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.★
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