08 December 2015

Release Day Blast + Giveaway | Tattooed Scars by Alicia Rae (@aliciaraeauthor)


Raelyn Jennings knows one thing for certain. She loves Damien Heathman with every fiber of her being. A life without him wouldn’t be one worth living.

Damien has never loved a single soul—until Raelyn. She heals the pain that has tainted the deepest part of his heart. She is his everything, his single reason for breathing. Damien’s relentless determination refuses to let anyone or anything stand in his way of being with her.

But soon, Damien’s and Raelyn’s pasts begin to collide with their future in ways they never thought possible, testing their undying love for one another.

Damien’s dark secrets from the scars hidden beneath his tattoos threaten to reveal themselves while Raelyn is faced with impossible decisions that need to be made.

Can Damien convince Raelyn to take a risk in hopes of securing the longevity of their future? Or will Raelyn choose the safe path that also comes with a limit?

There isn’t any time to waste, for the clock never stops ticking.

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Tattooed Series:
Tattooed Emotions
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I didn’t even realize I had been crying and shaking uncontrollably until I felt Damien open the passenger door. He unhooked my seat belt and lifted me into his strong arms. 

“Shh, I’ve got you, Raelyn,” he breathed. He softly pressed his lips to my hair to kiss me. “And I’m never letting you go.”

I looped my arms around his shoulders and buried my face into his neck. Deep sobs racked through my body, my tears soaking his flesh. 

Damien carried me through the breezeway and into the house where his long strides ascended the curvy staircase. 

When we reached his bedroom, he gently placed me on the bed. Then, he climbed in beside me and pulled me into him. 

The afternoon sun beamed in through the windows, yet I’d never been so tired and drained in all my life. I felt trapped with a relentless fear, and my mind was on overload. It wanted to shut down and block out the past two hours of my life.

My only solace was the man before me, caging me with his warmth. 

Our faces were less than an inch apart, and Damien closed the small gap to brush his lips along mine for a passionate, tender kiss, reaching the depths of my soul. “I love you, Raelyn.” His gray irises stared at me with nothing other than love, melting me. “And nothing will stand in my way of making you mine—forever.”

And I wanted to be his, more than anything.

"You are supposed to be my perfect ending, but I'm just your beginning"

Tattooed Scars is the much anticipated sequel to Tattooed Emotions by Alicia Rae. We were left with that delicious ending that had most readers panting for more of Raelyn and Damien.

My heart broke for Raelyn, just as when she just found her great love and she was finally living her life to the fullest – she receives the most tragic news. She was torn between her options. If she were single, she knew what she’d choose, but she has Damien now. And I’m just so glad he’s there for her when she needed him most.

I think I fell in love even more with Damien. I love how he took care of Raelyn and how he tries to fight for her, even when she’s in the brink of giving up. You know it’s true love when he/she stays at the lowest point in your life and doesn’t give up even if you push him/her away. Damien did just that, and because of it – he has my heart.

This time, we are gifted with Damien’s POV, even if it’s just for a few chapters. We get to see what is inside his head. His thoughts, his worries and it were enough for us to know how much he values Raelyn.

Just like the first one, the steam wasn’t lacking, it got even hotter and sexier. The love was just overflowing as much as the heartache. Nevertheless, this novel gives a lot of hope that anything and everything is possible, especially when you don’t give up.

I’m looking forward for the next book in the series, perhaps it’s the happy ending the two of them very much deserved.

"I won't accept anything less than forever with you."

Rating: 4.5 Stars
Purchase Link: http://amzn.to/1IBt6z7

Award winning, USA Today Bestselling Author, Alicia Rae, is a Contemporary Romance Author who lives in Dekalb, Illinois, with her husband and three beautiful boys. Alicia has a passion for reading all types of romance, writing to bring a story to life, and wedding photography.

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