15 December 2015

Blog Tour, Book Review, Giveaway | Crazy Beautiful Lies by Kathryn L. James (@Kjames_Author)

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Blake DeLuca is a manwhore with a reputation to prove it.

Jenna Capwell thought she had the perfect life until tragedy happens and betrayals unfold. In a chance meeting, Blake mistakes her for the call girl from an elite escort service. Jenna wants nothing more than a carefree, reckless night of passion, so she plays the part, and plays it well. When their paths cross again, Blake stops at nothing to see her again...even uses blackmail.

She knows what kind of man he is and yet she falls for him during their angsty relationship. He reminds her time and time again not to get attached to him and he doesn't know what he's about to lose until the table is turned and she makes a bold decision. One that changes the rules of the game and one that brings him to his knees. Can she survive another heart break and can he survive her betrayal?

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Purchase Link: http://amzn.to/1RJAKJQ

"Why would you ever think I could run away from you? All I want to do is run toward you."

Words to describe it: Sexy. Intense. Page-turner. Heartbreaking. Sweet.

Jenna thought she already felt the most painful thing in the world when she lost someone important to her, but the tragedy seemed to be subtler than the betrayal that she discovered. She didn’t have any inkling that it was happening, and it was the ultimate slap in the face. But when she meets Blake in a chance encounter, and he mistook her for the call girl from an elite escort service, she finally threw caution into the wind and succumb to a reckless, unforgettable night of passion. What she didn’t expect was to cross paths again with Blake.

It’s a small world after all.

Blake doesn’t do hearts and flowers and relationships. He f@&ks and leaves them. He always remind her about it, but she couldn’t help but fall in love with him. Despite his reminders, his warnings. How could she not? Blake can be ruthless and brutally honest, but he can be sweet and thoughtful and really, really great in bed. He has his past and his secrets he didn’t want to share at first, but the more they get closer, the walls that surrounds his heart starts to crumble. And just when everything seemed to be okay, she did something that brought them to square one.

Jenna was a brave one to risk it. I didn’t expect she’d do it, among all of the things she can do, she did it. Wow. It took some guts right there. She did it because she thought it was right, and Blake needs it to finally free himself from his past.

It wasn’t just Jenna and Blake that you’d love in the story. You get to adore Pip – Blake’s driver and bodyguard who became Jenna’s greatest supporter and cheerleader. I think Jenna stood and fought for their ‘love’ because of Pip’s motivation. And their’s Colin and Blake’s sister – who were meddling too much that initially caused trouble for the both of them, but all went well in the end.

The blurb was interesting enough that I thought should give this a try, but I didn’t expect I’d love it. Just as when you thought Kathryn James gave you an epic scene, she did some twist that would continually knock you off your seats. It has the element of surprise, and unpredictability that would make you turn the pages until you finally reach the end, and the HEA you will crave. It’s sexy, romantic, with the right amount of angst and drama. It’s a definite must-read.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Kathryn James lives in a southern small town with her husband and kids. Being a hopeless romantic, she loves to read and write about bad-boy sexy alpha males and a strong heroine. She weaves her characters along a roller coaster ride full of angst before they reach their HEA. The beach is one of her favorite places to relax and write. But most days, when she’s writing, you can find her snuggled under a blanket in a recliner with her sweet apricot poodle curled up beside her. She’s loves diet coke, and is certain it helped her stay awake pecking away on her laptop writing her debut novel Crazy Beautiful Lies.    
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