06 December 2015

ARC Review | Taking It Off by Claire Kent (@NoelleAdams3)


Can't get enough Magic Mike? Let bestselling author Claire Kent introduce you to Matt Stokes, the sexy-as-sin male stripper and club owner who knows what it really means to bare everything.

Preschool teacher Elizabeth Marks isn't exactly thrilled to be attending a college friend's bachelorette party at a male strip joint. The sights—screaming women, half-naked hunks—are just as sleazy as she expected, with one exception: the man standing at the back, radiating sensual heat despite being fully clothed. When Elizabeth takes refuge outside, he chases her down and dares her to stay. It turns out that her mystery man is the owner—and, as tonight's headliner, the one guy Elizabeth wouldn't mind seeing naked.

Matt Stokes lives his life one day, one dance at a time. But as he challenges Elizabeth to get in touch with the passionate, impulsive woman behind her prim fa├žade, she brings out another side of him as well. This girl isn't just another pretty face—or paying customer—and Matt can't help wanting more. Onstage, he's used to exposing his body. Now Matt will have to expose his heart. Because when it comes to real love, that's the one striptease that matters.

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Who doesn’t love Magic Mike, ayt? I love Channing Tatum’s sexy moves, and I wonder if Matt Stokes’ would be as memorable as his. Rather than dancing however, our guy here does it subtle, but still sexy and can set your sheets on fire. I love the scenes when he’s on stage.

But our guy has a lot of baggage on his shoulder, he didn’t grew up in love and affection. His parents were there, but he was taking care more of his mother than the other way around, and his father was no exemplary example either. His life was pretty much the same – until uptight preschool art teacher Elizabeth Marks entered Bare Assets. He just knew he wanted her. Their worlds are wide apart, is there a possibility that they can be together?

Elizabeth Marks is your typical perfect good-girl. That is why it was out of her personality when she was forced to attend at a friend’s bachelorette party at a male strip joint. It wasn’t her scene. But one particular stranger caught her attention, and he was still fully clothed. When he gave out his challenge, she couldn’t resist but agreed to it. Would he be the one to get her out of her comfort zone?

Just as when she was trying to get out of her shell, things went downhill. Can they surpass this test?

I like the characters, the development of each. Seeing Elizabeth finally embracing change, and enjoying it was such a breather. With Matt, she was not-so-uptight, although she was still worried about what would her parents say at some point. As for Matt, I didn’t like it when he does things, then he apologize and repeats it again. I was also ambivalent about him being a great son to his mother – he’d help her in ways he knew, but I guess, in a way I think he already gave up on his mom. I was just glad about his decisions at the end of the story. Finally, things were looking a little brighter for the both of them.

I enjoyed reading this book, I like both characters, the plot was okay and the pacing was just perfect. If you want a book oozing with hotness, sexiness and overwhelming steamy scenes, this is your book.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Claire has been writing romance novels since she was twelve years old. She has a PhD in British literature and, when she's not writing, she teaches English at the university level. She also writes contemporary romance under the pen name Noelle Adams.

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