27 December 2015

Book Review | Less Than A Lady by Eva Devon (@evadevonauthor)


To win a lord, you can’t be a lady…

Darcy Blake, Earl of Chase, is a solider, rogue, and a loyal King's man. Commanded to spy on the luscious actress Amelia Fox, Darcy must pretend to be her student for a court theatrical. He is certain he can school her in the art of seduction while discovering if she is a traitor. But to his shock, he finds Mrs. Fox teaching him an entirely different kind of lesson.

As London's most popular actress, Amelia is famous at court, and she doesn't have a husband to tell her what do. Unfortunately, the king has ordered her to train the rakehell, Lord Chase to act for the court. Before long, the Earl is driving her wild with desire and awakening her heart to love. As an actress, society dictates she can never be more than Lord Chase's mistress, and Amelia has vowed never to be less than a lady.

When Darcy learns the witty actress is indeed linked to a traitor, he'll have to decide if love or loyalty will rule the day.

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The Earl of Chase, Darcy Blake has been a loyal soldier and King’s man, not to mention a lady’s man as well. When the king suspects the beautiful actress, Amelia and her brother of treason, he instructs Darcy to spy on them: by having Amelia teaching him how to be a woman. This makes everything much easier on his part to spy on Mrs. Fox (or so he thinks). When they finally met – there were sparks all over the place. But he needed to remember the reason why he’s with Amelia in the first place, but now, he just needs to prove that Amelia was innocent. But when information came out that Amelia’s brother is somehow involved in the treacherous activities, our earl is torn between fulfilling his duties and protecting the woman he grew to love.

Less Than A Lady has a promising start. I find it quite a bit amusing for our earl who’s a rogue, learning to be a woman with Amelia as his tutor. Every lesson they have was a whole lot of fun. Despite the fact that Amelia blindly places her faith in Darcy, our earl, however, was torn. He likes the actress, heavily tempted to kiss her whenever they’re together, and yet the evidence of treason are pointing to her and her brother. Which makes everything (most especially his job), a little but complicated. I like how it all started, but somewhere in the middle, I felt that there was something lacking. It was like the characters lacked complexity, and they didn’t really develop as the story progressed. Nevertheless, the fun part of the novel somehow makes up for it. I was just glad in picked up in the last part of the novel, where the surprising and exciting twists sprouted and made this one a nice read.

Rating: 3.75 Stars

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