25 October 2014

Book Review | Beloved by Corinne Michaels


Not enough.

Catherine Pope has never been enough.
She repeatedly let’s men in—only to be left broken.

Then Catherine met Jackson Cole.

Jackson makes her feel alive, desirable, and consumes her with a fierceness she’s never known.
But Jackson struggles with his own past. His training as a Navy SEAL never prepared him for the battle to win her heart. He’s different, honorable, and worth the chance…but he must prove it.

If she gives him what’s left of her heart—will he protect it? Will she get the one thing that has always evaded her – to finally be someone’s beloved?

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I have high expectations for this book, because first, I fell in love with the cover, and not to mention all those wonderful reviews done by several people for this one. So, I was crossing my fingers as I was starting to read it.

The story started with a heartbreaking scene. It went straight into breaking your bubbles, crushing your excitement, and just feeling sorry for the girl who thought everything was fine, and she was going to have her HEA. Catherine has finally reached her quota of men she loves leaving her. The last one was the final straw. She vowed never again to trust men, and never to fall in love.

What she didn't expect was falling literally into the lap of Jackson. He was different from everyone she knew. He made her feel special, and wanted. He might have demons from his past, lurking in every corner of his present ready to strike, but he'd do anything to prove to Catherine that he was worth it.  
I told you I’ll always find you, but you have to want to be found. Let me find you, Catherine.
She tried to fight it - but the chemistry was there. It was totally inevitable, she told him instead not to break her heart. Which had me reeling really, because the last scene was just killing me right there! It was quite a WTF moment, because it didn't take one day for HIM to break his promise. I was caught off guard, totally annoyed of what in the world is happening. Just as her issues were settling, his was coming up. Argh. 
Don't kiss me if you're going to break my heart.
Jackson kissed me and broke my heart. Good thing, I have read this one the moment the second book was out, or I'll be throwing some tantrums after I have read the ending. My heart was already shattered, and by the time I have finished the book, I think my heart stopped. OMG - is this the end?

I like these two characters, sometimes they annoy me, but by the end of the book they have grow on me. I like watching Catherine starting to evolve. She might start out a little pathetic in my POV, but by the end, I was glad she was fighting for what she wants. There are a whole lot of characters to love and hate. The ex is a total a**, there's this b***ch you'd like to throw into the wolves, and there's the best friends whom you'd love to give a hug for everything single thing they did for both characters.

From the beautiful cover, down to the heartbreaking scenes, those scenes that made me swoon, squirm and fell in love makes this one a great debut work from this author. I was excited to read the next book in the series!


to summarize my rants...
Will read next/other books! :) 

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