26 October 2014

Book Review | Beholden by Corrine Michaels

22188422Catherine Pope got a second chance at love, only to have it ripped away—again. She should’ve known better.
But she dared to hope.
She refuses to let fate take the reins this time. Catherine decides she’s going to fight.

Jackson Cole risked it all.
He thought this time would be different.
With his loyalties pulling him in two directions—it’s time to make a choice…his past or his future.

Will they be beholden to their fears or will they both fight against their demons and finally find the love they both long for?

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The ending of the first book had me grabbing this one ASAP and I was totally awake in the wee hours of the morning reading this one. I have liked Mark in the first book, but this time, I fell in love with him. He's a very loyal friend who can annoy the heck out of Jackson but will always be ready to take a bullet for him or push his head out of his a** when necessary.

As for Catherine - I love this girl even more, and I'm proud of how far she had achieved in terms of her personality, outlook and most especially her career. She didn't let her heartbreak put a grudge on her heart, when she was needed, she didn't hesitate to go ahead and be with him. And just when I thought everything was perfect - here goes the perfect bomb that ruined it all in one drop.

Ah yes. Her. In Public. Total Humiliation. Face Palm Moment.

I knew there was something, but THAT - I didn't see THAT one coming. Like Catherine, I was speechless to. And yes, I am mad! So, I gave her an excuse to be a little unreasonable and not listening to his explanation for a while there because of what happened. He deserved the silent treatment, and she deserves one great grand gesture.

As what they say - people who are unlucky in love have a blooming career. I was sad for her, but happy that all her dreams are coming true, and the truth from her past are finally falling into places, making her understand of what really happened back then.

It didn't take long before they found their way back into each other - Jackson finally did something right. I knew it hurt, but it has to be done and just like that, I was in love with this guy again. For him to make that sacrifice and be willing to do it tells me that this guy is in for the long haul.

As for Catherine, I was happy she followed her dreams. I always believe that when people are meant to be together - time, absence or distance won't mean anything. Fate will always find a way to bring you together.

You gave me an epic ending to make this series one heck of a read. The first book was good, but this was great. The development of both characters and their relationship was pretty much astounding and the even the secondary characters has their own shares of spotlights.

This book sealed the deal for Corrine Michaels.



to summarize my rants...
this was way better than the first! :D 

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