14 October 2014

Blog Tour, Book Review & Giveaway | You Turn by Marion Croslydon

Adult Contemporary Romance
Second Chances Series
Release: October 6, 2014

"I was the little girl who loved you from afar. I was the woman who gave herself away for you and ended up losing a lot of who she was."

"Then allow me to give back some of what I stole."

After being dumped by her fiancé, Eleanor Carrington flees to Paris to stay with her self-medicated mother. While keeping her mom from popping pills like gummy bears, Eleanor launches a new, no-strings-attached life plan with absolutely NO falling in love whatsoever. On her part at least, because her self-esteem could do with one or two Frenchmen going un peu crazy for her.

What she doesn’t need is for her first Grand Amour to burst back into her life. What she doesn’t need is all-American Zachary Murdoch—or a more mature and sensitive version of him—to schmooze his way into her heart again. She grew up loving the/this/that man until he dumped her five summers ago. Whatever shit-show/life drama she’s just been through was a stroll. What Zach put her though was a climb up Mount Everest. Barefoot. In a bikini.

Now a club-owner in Paris, Zach is intrigued by the troubled woman who was once the sweet girl he had to give up. Offering a shoulder for her to cry on is what he owes her. Loving her is what he lost the right to. Because there’s a reason he broke up with Lenor and that reason is why she’s in Paris.

But Paris is called the City of Love…

Will he be her turn at love?

*** You Turn is a contemporary adult romance and part of the Second Chances series. However, Lenor’s story can be read as a stand-alone novel. There is no cliffhanger. ***

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Who wouldn’t fall in love in the city of love?

I have been reading Marion Croslydon’s Second Chances series since the first book, and now on its third, with different set of characters, I am still loving this series, and falling harder than before. Not only Marion is giving Eleonor her chance in her happy ending, but this book is all about second chances!

Love is much sweeter the second time around. Eleonor’s heart had been broken once. But Josh wasn’t the first one after he had broken off the engagement. It was to an old family friend who had set her aside, humiliated her, and crushed her spirits. Now, five years after, right after she was dumped by her fiancé, and just as when she was enjoying what Paris has to offer – he came back into her life.

But unlike the boy she was crazy in love with, Zachary is now a man. An irresistible, sexy and sensitive man who is far way different than the one who had crashed her heart. He was trying to get close again, offering her help, friendship, and who else knows. But she had grown up, she won’t let him do what he did to her. She’s wiser, stronger or at least she think so.

The heart never forgets. But there are still secrets that needed to be unfolded, and most of it really
surprised me. It had my hairs rising from my arms, a lot of WTF and this-is-so-not-happening moments. All characters have baggage and secrets from their past that is threatening their present and their future.

Just as when you thought you’d be getting your HEA, a revelation would pop and set things afire again. But this time, it would take more than sorry for her to forgive him. Would she allow the past to dictate the present? Or would she forgive him again and allow him back in her life?

Great characters, setting and twists - I finished this book in one sitting, falling in love and breaking my heart in the process for both Lenor and Zach.  This book is filled with beautiful scenes (both heartwarming and heartbreaking) I couldn’t choose a favorite. All I know that once you have start reading this, you wouldn’t have the heart to put it down. Because finally, it’s Eleonor’s time for her happy ending.

•Complimentary Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.•

About the Author

Marion loves to share happy vibes, talk book crush, fictional boyfriends and sexual chemistry with like-minded people. And because she spends most of her days on her own deep inside her writing cave—and under the grey London sky—, you are welcome to come and say ‘hello’ from time to time. Just to make sure she doesn’t sink into insanity. Her friends, family and arch-enemies (there are quite a few) will be forever grateful for your help.


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the series


No Reverse (Book 1: Cassie & Josh)
Fast Forward (Book 2: Cassie & Josh)
You Turn (Book 3: Lenor & Zach)

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  1. "I finished this book in one sitting, falling in love and breaking my heart in the process for both Lenor and Zach." Love this!