15 September 2014

Release Day & Book Review | Girl of Vengeance by Charles Sheehan-Miles

Girl of Vengeance Release Day!

It's here! The final book in the Thompson Sisters saga released on September 15, 2014.

A little more than a week ago, Andrea Thompson returned to the United States, unknowingly setting off a chain of events that put her entire family in jeopardy.  Not Andrea is desperately seeking answers. Who is her father? What happened to Adelina Thompson? Above all, what took place thirty years ago in Afghanistan that is now tearing her life apart?

In this final chapter of the Thompson Sisters saga, everything you’ve come to believe about the Thompson Sisters will be turned upside down.

Girl of Vengeance is available at the following retailers:
Amazon - http://amzn.to/1ojBPGu
iTunes - http://bit.ly/1nEUxH1
Kobo - http://bit.ly/1p2x0ni
Google Play - http://bit.ly/1BnbyPE

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my Review

OMG – how is this going to end?

It’s the epic conclusion to Rachel’s Peril, and the ending I have been waiting for.


Everything happened so fast, the people you thought you can trust turned out to be the one you should be careful of. Relationship would change – some would flourish, some would be destroyed, others would improve.

I just wished everyone would have the ending they all deserve (which Charles did – thank goodness). Especially for Carrie – because her story broke her heart, and for someone as special as her – she deserves a happy ending. I was glad how Charles made her ending, it was something I hoped for, but never expected. I didn’t want her to forget about Ray or the love they have shared, nevertheless, she earned her happiness.

Julia surprised me. Her actions had me on the verge of panic, almost cursing her – what in the effin world are you doing?!!! I really thought I was going to hate her, well, I was ready to. But this clever girl had other things in mind. Her ending had me in near tears too.

Adelina Thompson was the unexpected in this series. I didn’t expect she’d earn my sympathy, my respect, my compassion, my admiration and my love. How did Charles manage to do that? I’m not really sure. But it took almost six books before she finally earned it all. And I didn’t think I’d wish her a happy ending when I have read the Thompson Sisters Series. I have wished her ill, I have wished she’d die then. What kind of mother would allow her children to suffer like that? But she had her reasons, she had her demons to slay – and at the end, (I have never expected to say this), but I was glad she had her happy ending. After EVERYTHING she had been through, she deserved it.

I think I have held my breath for so long – I was in a dazed, mesmerized, enthralled, hooked by the turn of events, the twists that had me gripping my kindle, the thrill, the suspense as it continuously bombard my senses. I think my heart almost burst in anticipation. The turn of events will have you on the edge of your seats. So, get ready because Charles Sheehan Miles will give you that one heck of a roller-coaster ride.

•Complimentary Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.•


If you haven't read the Thompson Sisters or Rachel's Peril books yet, you can get the first book, A Song for Julia, for free. 

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Charles Sheehan-Miles has been a soldier, computer programmer, short-order cook and non-profit executive, and is the author of more than a dozen fiction and non-fiction books, including the indie bestsellers Just Remember to Breathe and Republic: A Novel of America’s Future. He is a member of The Authors Guild and the Association of Independent Authors.

Charles and his partner Andrea Randall live and write together in South Hadley, Massachusetts.
I write about things I’m passionate about: love, romance, war; addiction, remorse, guilt. I write about the things that terrify me and give me joy. I write about life.

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