30 September 2014

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She'd left him at the altar, but her heart was always his……

After more than ten years away, Australian soap opera star Ellie Hughes returns to the small town of Hope Junction, determined to fly under the radar while caring for her injured godmother, Matilda.

But word spreads fast in the tight-knit community. It isn't long before the people of Hope Junction are gossiping about the real reason for Ellie's visit and why she broke the heart of golden boy Flynn Quartermaine all those years ago.

Soon Ellie and Flynn are thrown back together, forced to deal with the unresolved emotions between them. Because Ellie is not the only one with secrets. Flynn has his own demons to battle, and Matilda is hiding something from her much-loved goddaughter.

When all is uncovered, can the ill-fated lovers overcome the wounds of their past? Or is Flynn destined to be jilted again?


My review

For a small town, gossip would always be inevitable. You do something, the next day it will be all over town. However, when the love of your life jilted you at the altar on the day of your wedding, it would take a hundred years before they forget it.

Why in the world would she leave him? Flynn and Ellie were good together. They may have different backgrounds, but they clicked, they had chemistry. Until she left him standing there, alone. Heartbroken.

After ten years, Ellie, now a soap opera star was back in town. She was back to take care of her injured godmother, Matilda and is determined to stay out of everyone’s way. She knew she wasn’t the town’s favorite after the stunt she pulled. But she had her reasons. Now, if only she wouldn’t bump into her old flame.

But for a small-town and tight-knit community, news travel fast, and it’s not long before the people of the Hope Junction is gossiping about these two old love birds.

It didn’t take long before fate had brought them back together. There were a lot of unresolved issues, and dark secrets that they needed to spill. And these secrets brought heartbreaking moments to this book. It has been a long time, and wounds that have been healing were once again cut fresh. Will they be able to surpass this? Or will their love story won’t be able to have a fresh start?

I was pinning for the both of them. I knew that there is still sparks somewhere there, but I wished one of them would first open up about what happened why Flynn was jilted and the after effects of it. It was standing in the way. They needed to be honest, to form trust in order to pass through the strain in their relationship.

I adore Matilda, she’s one of my favorites in this book, and I think she’s the one who had given life and laughter to it. This eccentric woman had taken care of Ellie when her mother was too busy living her life. And for that, Ellie would sacrifice anything for this old lady. But even her is keeping something from our girl.

I admire Flynn’s determination not to succumb to the darkness that once engulfed him during his younger days when his heart was broken. Not just that, he was determined not to fall in love all over again with the one who left him at the altar, but to no avail. This girl had stolen his heart since they were a teenager, and she had not returned it yet.

For those who love second-chance romance, this is a great read. Second chances are rare, and most likely you have to work for it. Flynn and Ellie’s road to second chance wasn’t easy, there were a lot of hurdles, their past, their secrets, and not to mention the people around them. It took them a while before they finally realize that they were meant to be together. But the wait, all those heartaches, and tear-jerking moments were worth it. 

•Complimentary Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.•

Rachael Johns is an English teacher by trade, a mum 24/7, a supermarket owner, a chronic arachnophobic, and a writer the rest of the time. She rarely sleeps and never irons. She writes contemporary romance for HQN and Carina Press and lives in rural Western Australia with her hyperactive husband and three mostly-gorgeous heroes-in-training. Rachael loves to hear from readers and can be contacted through her website at www.rachaeljohns.com.


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