10 September 2014

Book Blitz, Giveaway | PART OF ME/INSIDE OF YOU by Haven Francis

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Part Of Me
(Jessa & Paxton Book One)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Haven Francis
Release Date: July 28, 2014

Part of Me , the latest New Adult romance from author, Haven Francis. Available July, 29th, 2014.

Within minutes of meeting Jessa, Paxton already understood that he would not be able to let her go if he ever really let her in. Which is why he spent his year in her small Minnesota town playing nice and being her friend. Because Jessa’s future was in Chicago and Chicago was the city where every bad memory Paxton has was made. It was a city he could never return to. And he doesn't want to – he is finally free from his past and living recklessly in California with his Pops and the rest of his Venice family. But now that he has everything he has ever wanted, he can’t help but want more. And he can’t help but wonder if that more isn't Jessa.

When her first real attempt at commitment leads to a disastrous first month of college in Chicago, Jessa has reaffirmed that in a relationship she will only be one thing – in control. Which means she keeps her relationships filled with sex and void of emotion. But it also means that, in this new life where she hoped to find herself, she is absolutely alone. That is until Paxton sends his friend Violet her way. Suddenly thrust into the life that Paxton left behind and sleeping in the bed in Violet’s apartment that Paxton made so his, Jessa is finally starting to feel like herself. But she is also discovering that she never really knew the guy she considered her best friend. Who the hell is this violent, womanizing, rock god that everyone here is so reluctant to tell her about?

With Jessa firmly planted in Paxton’s past, he can’t seem to let her go. But is heading back to Chicago, the city he is being paid to stay out of, for a girl who will never want anything more than a stable sexual partner worth the risk? Maybe. Maybe he will just have to slide back into his old bed and convince Jessa that part of her is still firmly planted inside of him. Maybe he will have to show her just how well they are made for each other.

Part of Me can be read as a standalone novel or with book two in the series, Inside of You.

Due to explicit sexual content, this book is intended for mature readers.

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“Ready to call it a night, beso?”

“Yeah. It’s been a long day – having you around is tiring,” I tell him, flicking him on his arm before heading to my… our… room.

“As far as I can tell it’s you who is fucking up the entire vibe of the city. Things were pretty mellow last time I was here.”

“Funny,” I tell him, heading to the dresser and pulling out my shorts and tank top.

I turn to Paxton who is stripping out of his jeans- his hoodie and t-shirt are already on the floor. I can’t stop myself from running my eyes over his body as he stands before me. He really is beautiful in the coarsest of ways. I really wish his friends hadn’t put me on lockdown these past few weeks because a beautiful man like Paxton, standing before me in the flesh, is making my insides pound. Jesus, I need to get off ASAP. I look away from Paxton and peel off my dress and bra before pulling on my tank top. I turn back to him as I step into my shorts. He’s lounging in the bed, his arms propped above his head, the tats on the underside of his forearms displayed. I’m very aware that Paxton is watching me dress – something that he has seen before, but his heavy-lidded eyes have me working quick to get myself covered up.

“Pax, are we really sharing that tiny bed?”

“Yeah, beso, we are. Get your ass in here, I want to go to sleep.”

I let out a long breath and then go to him, sliding under the covers, acutely aware of the extra body that is now with me. I’m prepared for him to sling his arm around me but he doesn’t. We just lay next to each other in silence. I’m tired but I can’t sleep, not with him in this bed with me. So close, but in every form of the word, so far away.

“What happened with you and Elijah tonight?” he asks in his deep, quiet voice.

“You know… same shit as usual. You realize that your friends have been all over any guy that even looks my way?” I ask, curious how much of this long process was dictated by him.

He lets out a low laugh. “Fucking with your game, huh?”

“Yeah, they were. I finally find a guy that’s not terrified by the mere mention of your name and… surprise, surprise - the ultimate ladies’ man is nothing but a commitmentaholic underneath his bad boy skin. You would think I would be every man’s dream- all I want is a little release, a little fun. But can I find it? No, Pax, I cannot. I haven’t gotten any action since Dylan and the only kind of action I’ve gotten from him in the last few months is the husband kind. What the hell is wrong with me?” I know I’m spewing, but with anyone but Pax, Emily and Natalie, talking about my unconventional preferences comes off the wrong way. I need a verbal release. I need so many kinds of releases it’s not even funny.

“So he pulled out a ring and you bolted?”

“Yes, he got down on one knee and everything,” I say, snidely. “No. But he pulled the commitment talk out of his ass. I blame you,” I tell Paxton ‘cause I’m pretty sure it was his fault. “You stroll into town, move into my bed, flaunt your good looks in his face and my potential partner in sex pulls out the lockdown.”

Paxton laughs quietly before turning his back to me and making it known he’s calling it a night. “Keep trying, Jess. Your perfect man will come along eventually.”

“There is no perfect man,” I say, hunkering down into bed. “You are about the closest thing that I will ever have to my perfect man.”

“I’ve never gotten you off,” he mutters.

“Exactly, you’re the only guy in my life that I’ve been close to who has never gotten me off and therefore we haven’t ruined what we have. Sometimes I think about that night when I first met you. You were such a prick, but I’m glad. If we would have eventually had sex we wouldn’t have become friends. I wouldn’t have you in my life. It’s scary to think about,” I whisper. Paxton is so quiet, I wonder if he’s sleeping. “I don’t ever want to lose you.”

I wait a minute for him to respond, but it’s clear he’s dozed off. I close my eyes and try to do the same but I can’t. Now that Paxton’s here I just want to be with him. I want to stay up late and talk like we used to. I want to fall asleep on his chest like I used to. I turn and wrap my arms around his naked stomach, fitting my cheek against his warm back. I take in a big breath, letting Paxton’s familiar scent and his warm body comfort me.

Inside Of You
(Jessa & Paxton Book Two)
Author: Haven Francis
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 28, 2014


Inside of You is the followup novel to Part of Me and is the final book in Jessa & Paxton's story.

With Paxton’s past in Glencoe behind him and Jessa’s walls destroyed, Jessa and Paxton are ready to start living. Determined to keep each other safe as they dive into Paxton’s former life with his band, Polly, their relationship deepens and together, they are becoming stronger.

But when a part of Paxton’s past arrives in Chicago, he and Jessa are sent on a physical and emotional journey that will test their love in ways they couldn't have ever seen coming.

Loving each other is easy, but holding onto that love is proving to be the hardest thing they have ever done.

Due to explicit sexual content and harsh language, Inside of You is intended for mature readers.

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He whips his car around, pushing too hard on the accelerator. Once he’s heading down the road he reaches out and takes my hand in his. “If I can’t handle this, if it’s too much, I’m coming to get you.”

“Okay,” I agree. I’m not sure that I will actually be able to do this.

“You need to pick up your phone when I call. Don’t go forgetting it somewhere. I need you to pick up when I call.”

“I will,” I tell him.

“You need to remember how much I love you, beso. Don’t start thinking all kinds of fucked up thoughts.”

“I won’t, Pax. This will be good for us. I promise.”

“You’re full of shit, kid. I can’t believe I’m driving you to Dylan. This is fucked up.”

“You know you don’t need to worry about him. You know you don’t have to worry about anyone.”

“Whatever,” he says, shaking his head as we pull into campus.

“Stay away from her, Pax. I don’t want you around her while I’m gone.”

“She doesn’t matter, beso. You know that.”

“Please, Pax. Just stay away from her. Just while I’m gone,” I say, my voice cracking.

“I won’t go near her. I don’t want to be anywhere near her.”

“I’m sorry that I’m being so stupid. That I’m a crazy, jealous bitch.”

“You’re the only one I see, beso,” he says, his voice angry. Frustrated. “Where am I going?”

“It’s that one,” I say, pointing to Dylan’s dorm.

“Jesus, kid. I can’t believe I’m fucking doing this,” he says as Dylan, standing by his car, comes into view.

Paxton pulls up next to his car but he doesn’t release my hand. “Stay here with me, Jess.”

“Don’t, Pax. Don’t do that. I don’t want to go, so don’t do that.”

He lets go of my hand, shaking his head. He gets out of the car and slams his door shut. I get out too and wait while Paxton brings my suitcase to Dylan’s car and puts it in the trunk, slamming it closed. He walks to Dylan’s side and stares down at him. “Get her home and then stay the hell away from her. If you even look at her the wrong way I will kick your ass.”

“Jesus, relax.”

“Don’t tell me to fucking relax. I’m sending my girl off with you – the pathetic asshole who’s still trying to get her to notice him. I know you’re thinking you’re going to have all these hours with her and you’re already coming up with words you are going to say to her. You’re already wondering if you can turn this into something with her. So don’t tell me to fucking relax.”

“I’m not interested in your girl, okay,” he says, stepping out of Paxton’s space and getting in the car, shutting the door before fliping him off.

Paxton manages to ignore him and turns his attention to me. “You know he’s going to try and talk you into something. If you even hint at the fact that you are struggling with what’s going on with us he will play it up, Jessa. Don’t talk about us with him.”

“Paxton, stop. He’s nothing. He’s my ride home.”

Paxton picks me up and wraps me in his arms, I fasten my legs around his waist. “Get your shit straight and then come back to me.”

“I’m going to miss you so much,” I tell him.

“Good, I hope you’re miserable.”

“I will be,” I tell him.

“You deserve it for doing this to us. I’m going to be miserable.”

“Don’t be, Pax. Focus on your music. Your show is going to be great. It’s going to be good. We’re going to be good.”

He kisses me long and hard and when he lets go I have a hard time doing the same thing. “Get the fuck out of here, beso. I’m pissed at you,” he whispers, setting me down on the ground.

“I love you, Pax.”

“Yeah… I love you too,” he says, walking to his car and getting inside. He slams the door and doesn’t look back before he pulls away.

about the author
My family and I still hang out with my parents every week just because we want to. My room in their house is still filled with a childhood full of books and writing journals… it makes me realize that family and books are, and have always been, vital in my life.

In college my love of both of these things grew when I met a quiet, totally hot, artist who would eventually become my husband and I read, “The Bell Jar”, by Sylvia Plath. If, after reading this statement, you are anticipating semibiographical stories of depression from me, you will be greatly disappointed, but that book really did change my life. I promptly became a double major, adding English literature to my fine arts degree. After graduation I took a great job restoring art, but I eventually found my way into the world of professional writing where I was able to travel the world forecasting trends in the home furnishing industry.

When my first child was born my focus took a drastic turn and I happily gave up my career to be home with her. All of my creative outlets were put on the back burner for several years and then one day... I started writing again. It was exhilarating to write my first book that I hope to publish one day if I can ever whittle it down to an acceptable length. That book was the first of many. Some are unedited, some are far too long, some are only half finished, one is lost completely, four are available on Amazon!

As a wife and mother who left her early twenties behind long, long ago, I have a slightly embarrassing fascination with the period of life that exists within the New Adult bubble – the years that sit awkwardly between childhood and adulthood when nothing is certain, lots of mistakes are made, falling in love is inevitable and you struggle to find yourself. For me, it’s a fun place to escape to and I hope my readers feel the same way! 


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