11 June 2014

Love by Lacey Weatherford - Blog Tour, Book Review

Living happily ever after has always been part of the plan for Cami and Dylan, but when strange things begin happening around the Wilcock household, Cami simply believes she’s becoming forgetful.

However, when the incidents begin to escalate, both are left feeling vulnerable. Unable to figure out what’s going on, Dylan delves deeper into the mysterious happenings. But when the truth comes out, he finds himself faced with the biggest decision of his life—how far will he go to protect the one he loves?
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This is the third book in the CRUSH series, and I must say this is the best among the three there is. I finished this earlier, and yes, I’m typing my review this early, since the emotions are still fresh and I think my heart just stopped bleeding from all the torture Lacey had given me in this novel.


Dylan and Cami are still head over heels in love with each other – you can feel it within the pages, and theirs is the love you wished you can experience as well. They are those type of couples who are comfortable with their emotions, and not minding a little PDA every now and then. They have been through a lot since book one, and now, two years later, Cami is very much pregnant with Dylan’s child – no thanks to a failed birth control (they should really review on how to use birth control!). The passion is very much alive, and they can’t still keep their hands off each other.


But, this has been happening around their house that had left Dylan worried about Cami’s safety. Problem is, all evidences with regards to the incidents that has been happening to their house is pointing at Cami. At first, I was entertaining the idea that it could be her – there has to be some kind of dissociative disorder, or whatever – but then, when an alibi came up, she was off my list. It has to be someone from their past. Someone who seeks revenge maybe from Dylan, from Cami or from the both of them. The incidents had made the hairs on my arms raise, and gave me the creeps – whoever they are, they really know how to shake the couple’s world (and yes, including the reader’s as well). They/He/She had a well-orchestrated plan that leaves no evidence at all. Dylan tries his best in keeping Cami and their unborn baby safe.


I had this mantra on my brain: PLEASE DON’T LET HIM/HER FIND THEM, PLEASE KEEP CAMI AND HER BABY SAFE. I was keeping my fingers crossed while reading the new life the couple had to assume after another incident. But bad luck seemed to catch them up, just as when I thought they were safe, another thing happened, it was heartbreaking, and I really thought it was the end of them.

They have proved me wrong. This novel strengthened the love and commitment Dylan and Cami had for each other. They had been through worse, and this may be the number one on their list, but they didn’t let it drive their relationship apart, instead, it had made it stronger.

You thought they’re okay that the ‘culprit’ has been caught?! THINK AGAIN!

I was already relaxing, ready to get to the end of the novel, ready for an HEA when someone knocked at the door and gave me another surprise. OMG. This isn’t over yet. If I thought that what they had been through was the worst, I haven’t seen anything yet. Because Dylan watching Cami suffered, and he can’t do anything about it was killing my heart one word at a time. It was just awful!!!!

Nevertheless, big thanks to Russ and Chris for coming to the rescue several times, not only that they are the biggest part of the support system of our couples, but they have been life savers. And Russ – he’s VERY loyal and would do anything for the couple. I wished he can get his own CAMI (SOON!). He really deserved it after what he did in this book.

The series is definitely in this order: #CRUSH, #SMITTEN, SUPER #LOVE. This novel had me hooked, stunned, with its finger-biting type of suspense. Never thought this series could get any better, but Lacey Weatherford sure knows how to take her readers on the edge of their seats with their hearts up to their throats. This one was a one big roller coaster ride that had me in surprise. I thought I have already seen and know how much Dylan and Cami love each other - but here, you will see how deep and strong their love is, when it is tested by fate in the worst possible way. Their love withstood every trial that fate throws at them, they might have struggled a bit to survive it, but they have done it with flying colors.

Again, don’t miss this book!

✪Complimentary Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.✪



“Stop calling me that.”

“Why? I kind of like it. I think it’s going to be my nickname for you from now on.” He grinned.


“Are you this irritating with everyone you know?” I glared at him. He laughed loud enough that Mrs. Stuart sent a disgruntled look in our direction.

“Pretty much, yeah.”


“Yep, let’s do it.”

I cocked my eyebrow. “Did you just proposition me? I think you should know I’m not that kind of guy, Miss Wimberley.”


Dear Heaven above, have mercy on my soul. I’m going to end up in Hell



I opened the door into the bay and felt a hand roughly close around my upper arm. I gasped as Hunter shoved me up against the wall, pinning me there with his body as his lips descended to mine. His mouth assaulted, laced with possessiveness and desperation as his tongue invaded, sweeping inside with delicious abandon. My knees shook, and I fisted his shirt in my hands, trying to pull him closer as I drowned in the sensations he was creating inside me.

This is dangerous! My brain shouted, reminding that Ripper could walk through the door any second and catch us. The thought quickly left as one of Hunter’s hands tangled in my hair, and the other drifted down my body. A soft moan escaped from me, and he growled in return, pressing harder.

“I can’t take this anymore,” he whispered harshly against my lips. “Seeing you in his arms—watching him touch you. It’s driving me insane. I want to rip him apart.” He claimed my mouth again, denying me any chance to reply, but I didn’t care. I didn’t want him to stop—I wanted him to continue his ravishing. My blood pounded in my ears, rushing with both fear and desire as I continued to clutch at him, desperate to keep this connection. Heat streaked through my veins and threatened to melt every part of me . . . I couldn’t get enough.

“Cami, where are you?” Ripper’s voice floated in from the hall, interrupting the moment, and Hunter released me abruptly, stepping away, his breathing rapid as he stared hotly.

“You are mine,” he whispered, glancing once over me before he swallowed thickly, then fled the room through the far door that led outside.



“Ugh.” I rolled my eyes. “A ride? That is so not romantic, Hunter.” It surprised me how easily I was reverting back to the name I originally knew him by. If he noticed at all, he didn’t comment on it.

“What’s romantic, then? How would you seduce me?”

“Pfft. That’s the easiest thing to do on the planet. It’s not even a challenge.”

“Really? Then tell me. What would you do?”

“Mmm . . . let’s see. I could brush my teeth, or my hair for that matter. Both of those have turned you on before. Washing dishes always seems to do it for you, too. Oh, and of course there’s sweeping, vacuuming, and any time that I need to change my clothes. And—,”

“Okay, okay. I get it. I’m a horny bastard.” He was grinning from ear to ear.

“I wouldn’t exactly use the term bastard. Maybe a sexual zealot.”

Laughter burst from him, and he scooped me up in his arms and headed for the front door, continuing to chuckle the entire way.

“What are you doing?” I asked, unable to keep the smile off my face.

“Carrying you off to bed with sexual zeal,” he replied. “Is that okay with you?”

“I see I can add talking to the list of things that turn you on.”

He laughed again, kicking the door shut behind us as we entered the house. “Yes, you can. Face it, Goody. Everything about you turns me on. You’re just gonna have to learn to live with it.”

Lacey Weatherford was born in Ft. Meade Maryland while her father was serving in the military. She has been a life long resident of Arizona, spending most of her time growing up in the small rural town of Clay Springs.

It was while she was attending the small country school in Clay Springs, that she read her first "big" book at the age of eight. It was a Nancy Drew novel and Lacey was instantly hooked. She read every book that she could find in the series and decided that she wanted to write stories too.

Lacey spent a lot of time at the library from that time forward, even volunteering in her later teen years and early twenties. She would don a crazy clown outfit for the Friends of the Library fundraisers in an effort to help get the new town library built.

When she and her husband moved away from the area, Lacey took the opportunity to take some creative writing classes at the local college to help further along her interests. Several years later, they were blessed with the opportunity to move back to Clay Springs with their family. The town had finally succeeded in building their library and Lacey had the opportunity to be President of the Friends of the Library for a very short time, before relocating.

Lacey and her family still live in the White Mountains of Arizona, where she continues to write young adult novels that have a fantasy/fairytale or paranormal bent to them, as well as being sure to include a great romantic storyline!
Connect with Lacey: Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter | Website | Amazon Author Page

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