26 June 2014

The Duke of St. Giles by Jillian Eaton - Book Review


Being kidnapped was not nearly as fun and exciting as Lady Emily Wilmington thought it would be…

Emily is the privileged daughter of a duke, raised in the lap of luxury. West is an orphan, raised in London’s most nefarious rookery. Their paths never should have crossed, but as Emily and West are about to discover fate doesn’t always adhere to the rules of society…

It should have been an easy plan. Kidnap the girl, collect the ransom. Just another day’s work for the Duke of St. Giles, a man whose ruthlessness is rumored to know no bounds. But from the first moment West meets Emily, a woman who is as infuriatingly stubborn as she is breathtakingly beautiful, he knows nothing is going to go according to plan.

From the slums of London to the rolling hills of Southampton, join Emily and West as they partake in a journey of danger, passion, and love that will change both of their lives… forever.
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I really, really liked Emily. She had already brought a smile to my face in the early pages of the book. Emily might be a daughter of the duke, and was trained on how to be a lady. But unlike any other ladies, she had the tendency to wear her heart on her sleeves, which wasn’t really helping when she was abducted.

At first, she thought it was a grand adventure. Excitement rushed through her, and she was almost looking forward where her new experience would lead her, until reality sink in, and it all dawned to her. THIS WAS REAL. SHE WAS REALLY KIDNAPPED.  Nonetheless by one of the most notorious new member of the ton, The Duke of St. Giles.

He grew up and learned to be a man earlier his life. He needed to survive, and one thing to do it growing up in the most disreputable rookery was to be tough. And that he did, he was one of the most feared people in St. Giles. Despite the fact that he brought himself a title of a duke, it didn’t made him sleep well at night or make him feel safe when walking on the streets. This was supposedly easy. Get the girl, held her for ransom, release the girl, retire and finally enjoy.

What he didn’t expect was the sudden rush of attraction the moment he met Emily. She was different than what he expected. He didn’t expect that this girl could break through his walls and question his choices.

What started out as a crime for money turned out to be something more, as the two spend more and more time with each other. For a kidnap victim, she get to have the freedom of roaming through his estates. No wonder she succumbed to Stockholm Syndrome – it’s when a victim falls in love with his/her abductor. She was treated well, she was given all the comforts in the world, and he tried his best in keeping his hands off her. Not only because he abducted her, but he felt she deserves something more.

I also like the rest of the characters, starting with Mr. Sullivan & Mattie. I grew fond of their banters, and I wonder how long it would be before the both of them acted on their attraction. Mattie is spirited, and Mr. Sullivan just love challenges. Then there’s the Duke and Petunia, both has great love for Emily. No matter what the Duke did, and his actions that have brought the circumstances, you will love him, not only for his reasons, but for the fact that he wanted his daughter to be happy. Kingsley was a great addition to the group, and despite the fact that he came late in the novel, he played a great part in the HEA this couple has. I wonder if he’d have his story too.

I joined Emily in her adventure, and day by day, I too fell in love with the notorious Duke of St. Giles. Not because I have the penchant for bad boys and rogues, but because his character proved to be someone more than what I have expected for. He was a great guy at the back of his tough and ruthless façade. He only needed a little motivation to finally get out of the life he was used to. And his motivation came in a beautiful package.

Fall in love, enjoy the ride, and embrace the thrill – Jillian Eaton did a great job in starting this series. I would be looking forward for the next books, especially when Kingsley’s name would come up. I would recommend this to friends who love regency romance as much as I do! 

•Complimentary Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.•

Jillian EatonJillian grew up in Maine. Blessed with loving parents and an annoying little sister (who is no longer annoying but will always be thought of as little), she spent her days riding horses, writing stories, and building fairy houses in the woods behind her house.

She now resides in beautiful Bucks County, Pennsylvania where she manages a private horse farm and avoids cooking at all costs. She has two dogs and two horses whom often make guest appearances in her stories.

Jillian loves staying up late finishing a really good book, getting e-mails from readers, bubblegum ice cream, baby ducks, and writing endings. She hates alarm clocks, math in all forms, always being late for everything, and heights

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