13 June 2014

Chasing Forever by Lisa Cardiff - Book Tour, Book Review, Giveaway

Regan Pierce’s life is finally on right path . . .

She’s on track to graduate at the top of her class. She’s just been offered a summer associate position with one of the largest law firms in San Francisco. She’s in control of her future and the painful secrets of her past are long forgotten.

Her life is perfect . . . until Lucas Evanston, sexy former college baseball star turned lawyer extraordinaire, her boss for the summer, walks back into her life.

Six years ago, Lucas thought he’d met the woman of his dreams. Regan was everything he never knew he wanted until he ruined it all and left her broken and unable to trust.

Just like six years ago, the chemistry between them is as explosive as it is unexpected, but Regan wants nothing to do with the man who turned her life upside down and trampled her heart.

Lucas has other plans. Regan owns him, heart, body and soul and he’ll do whatever it takes to win the heart of the woman who haunts his dreams.
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If I knew how to fix what happened six years ago, I would do it in a heartbeat.

I could feel Regan Pierce’s anger vibrating through my reader. It was ticking time bomb waiting to explode. Her anger has been brewing for six years, an emotion that has been fueled by a betrayal and broken heart.

She’s a law student and is about to graduate on top of her class. But first, she needed to survive the summer being an associate of one of the biggest law firms in San Francisco under the mentorship of one of someone from her past, whom she’d most likely wanted to forget, if not for the fact that she wanted this internship and the recommendation that goes along with it. First, she needed a great dose of anger management, and remain calm when she deals with her past…

LUCAS EVANSTON – The Ex-King of Panty Droppers-turned-Successful-Lawyer.
He’s one of the most successful lawyers in the firm. Six years ago, he met the woman of his dreams and let her slipped away because of something stupid. He never knew the value of what he had lost until she left him and never to be found again. Until NOW.

I wonder what happened between the two of them…

He was a smooth talker, and she was a shy girl, but she allowed him past her barriers. He made the biggest mistake of his entire life when he allowed an old friend to manipulate him, and when caught, he didn’t try to defend himself.

Six years later, she comes into his door as his summer associate. This is his second chance. If he could only get past her anger, and the walls of ice she erected around her heart first. But Regan is hardened by time, and his betrayal had earned her mistrust not just of him, but of every single man that came near her.

Lucas, on the other hand, is determined to have her. This was his second chance. He let her go once, he wouldn’t do the same mistake twice.

He was threading in light waters, and he needed to be careful. He was slowly earning her trust and melting all the ice away. Then, another poor judgment was made, and all his hard work will about to get wasted because of it. Lucas is supposedly an intelligent guy, why is he making stupid decisions.

I love her reference on the “Red String of Fate” legend – because it was exactly appropriate for her story. FATE. It took six years for the both of them to find each other, they were living separate lives, and trying to erase all the memories, and leave them behind. Suddenly FATE makes it move and brought them back together.

I finished this in one sitting, couldn’t help but get hooked with it. The emotions were raw, and yes, vibrating on my reader. I loved the characters despite all their imperfections. Lastly, this book will make you realize that love, despite time, despite the mistakes, and despite the distance, once it is true, will never fade. Love can forgive, love can forget, love can overcome anything.

✪Complimentary Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.✪

After spending years practicing law and a million other things, Lisa decided to pursue her dream of becoming a writer and she must confess that inventing characters is so much more fun than writing contracts and legal briefs.  A native of Colorado, she lives with her husband and three children in Denver. When she isn’t managing the chaos of raising three children and owning her own business, she can be found reading or writing a book.

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