23 June 2014

Lock & Key by Cat Porter - Blog Tour, Book Review, Giveaway

Love not only stings when you lose it, when it’s ripped away,
but when it first sinks its teeth into you,
it can cut just as raw and sting just as deep.
I had forgotten that.

Fifteen years ago I had survived my Old Man’s murder
and swore to myself never again.
Never again surrender my heart.
Never again sacrifice to the Club.
At least that’s what I always believed.
Then I had to come home,
and my past and present blew up in my face

Who holds the keys to betrayal? To suspicion? To trust?
To brotherhood? To family?
To a bleeding heart?
Right now, I just might.
Some of us have to get really dirty before we can become truly clean.
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To find two great love in one lifetime is not just luck, but it’s definitely a blessing. Well, Grace deserves all the blessing in the world after what she had been through. Fifteen years ago, she lost the love of her life right before her very eyes. More than the wound she had sustained that day, her heart was a painful mess in losing Dig, her husband. Her sister urge her to move away from the only family she knew of, the MC.

After losing her Old Man, she told herself she’d never come back, she’d protect her heart and she’d never sacrifice anything for the club anymore. Fifteen years later and she’s back. Her sister Ruby needs her so much that she needed to go back to her roots and the place that had caused her an equal amount of happiness and excruciating pain.

The moment she steps foot in town, she had met Miller, the sexy, brooding and hot guy who had caught her attention. She might have spend one unforgettable night with him, but after seeing evidence of her past in his body, she stays away from him as much as possible. But Miller would not hear of it, he had been waiting for her forever. So the moment she came to the club asking for help with her sister, he knew it was his second chance, and he wasn’t going to waste it this time. Only the club has its plans, as the past came back to haunt him. Between the club, Ruby’s impending doom, and Miller, Grace has a lot on her plate.

What I love about this novel is the story about Grace’s relationship with her sister Ruby. Despite all the painful reminder the place gave her, she chose to go home to help and be with her sister. They didn’t have a perfect relationship, but their love for each other is genuine. Ruby didn’t have a perfect past either. She had been through the worse stuff, and just when her life with her family is just starting, her world just fell apart.

It was quite a long read, but every page was worth it. The steam was hot enough to scald, the suspense was killing me – I thought I got it all figured out then something will come up or will be revealed and will just surprise the heck out of you. Even the characters, I don’t know whom to trust and whom not to. I was just hoping that after all this mess, after all the pain, Grace will get her HEA. Despite the fact that this book has less blood, less curse and less angst, it didn’t make it less hardcore for an MC Romance. 

•Complimentary Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.•

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I'm Cat Porter. I daydream all the time, 'what if' way too much, and am an incurable romantic. And I don't want to be cured of any of those. Ever. I've always loved to read, and always needed to write. I like to explore what bonds a man and a woman together- the very small things and the sort of epic, the glory and the mess. Oh yeah, plenty of crazy mess. Don't you think?

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